Interracial dating. You ever date outside your race?
I'm going to assume most users of this forum are black males.  I've dated outside my race in e.g. Hispanic or mixed but never any white women.  The ones I have met were always a bit chunkier than I liked or a bit on the ghetto side.  Some of the best sex in my life, but not wife material.   What has your experience been especially post president Cheetos inauguration?  Nasty looks? Comments etc.?
Pretty sure you'll get over 95 percent "yes" on this one considering the nature of the forum. Nothing has really changed for me since that jackass's presidency. I live in SoFla in a very blue area of the state. Everyone here hates him, so not the crowd to really antagonize people (in public, anyway). I did have a couple WW when I was living in northern MS a few years ago. I don't think I'd risk that today due to the racial climate of the country currently. Yea, I've had a few BW say stupid shit, but that's a non-issue. It's never as bad as the BW bashers make it out to be. I did have some white guys staring me down in a blues bar back in MS (I was sitting at the table with a WW from California.....she was just glad to meet someone who was exposed to different things). Owner of the place booted them because he knew what was about to go down. I found out after the fact. I can tell my parents aren't too fond of the idea (ok with a hispanic.....just not with WW and east asians).

I don't really see or fuck with the whole fat/ghetto WW either. Then again, I hang out in places where they are likely not welcome and don't really run into them.
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Interracial relationships are uncommon in the UK but expected in cities, not so much the rural areas where you generally get more conservative white populations or generally don't bump into many other races for whatever reason, maybe thats not where the jobs are etc etc. Most people are 1st gen or 2nd gen immigrants and culturally similar enough for people not to really care. Not on some soppy shit but end of the day its whats in the heart that counts, strength of character and all that and most brits are with it.
I have dated outside my race almost exclusively. Mostly because I live in San Diego and black people are 6% of the population!
If you wanna get laid, you better expand your interest!
I wouldn't be here if I wasn't lol. Not ashamed to admit that I prefer pawgs, but I've been with about every race.
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I've dated white and Asian women and fucked native American women. I'm currently good friends with an Asian woman.
Still need to check indian and native american off my list. Seems I'm only fuck buddies with non black women.

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