Empire star Jussie Smollett arrest for faking his own assault

WOW, he mad because of his salary in all, dude is an embarrassment to black people and to gay folks on this. I'm surprised that Fox hasn't fired him from Empire but they won't but hey ABC/Disney fired Roseanne Barr for those racist comments. Trump even tweet about this

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How funny he tweeted this but haven't apologized the Central Park Five and it been now 30 years since but we all know he won't
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Why, nigga?

Like we ain't got enough problems without you handing this giant propaganda weapon to the Trumpers.

I hope they give you the max Jussie.

Fuck you.
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This dude literally cut them a check to pay for his own assault lmao.
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Jussie's a gonner in prison! Prisoners are saying, "fresh meat"!

BTW, Fuck Trump!
Dude deserves what's coming to him.
(Yesterday, 09:51 PM)poohbear Wrote: Jussie's a gonner in prison! Prisoners are saying, "fresh meat"!  

BTW, Fuck Trump!

Sadly, no. Homos do very well in prison. It's basically a gay guy's playground.

He'll plead and do minimal time if any, though.
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This is truly one of the worst things he could have done. Police already give black people the 3rd degree; if there's a dispute between a white and black person, they often go out if their way to defend the white person regardless of who called the police and whatnot. When black teens go missing they give up and call them runaways faster, and, among all of this, it hurts our credibility when the police do something to us.  Especially now that he's calling the police out and saying that they are basically framing him.

And the job itself was done so terribly, he left so many clues and made so many direct interactions that it's almost like he wanted to get caught smh.

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