Fresh Out- Life After The Penitentiary

Anyone ever watch this youtube channel? Big Herc is an ex con who talks about what it's like being inside prison and answers questions about being locked up. Apparently he was also in porn.
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I remember this guy, always wondered what happened to him.
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Had to stop when I read the title of the vid lmao. People really that hard up to know if dudes are really on that Fleece Johnson shit
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I've seen a few of his youtube videos. He mostly answers viewers questions, and yep most are about prison sex. He does have some interesting videos on how to prepare for prison, what to do during your first week, how to watch out of traps, etc. Never been to jail, but if I was out of bail, this brother would be binge watching his videos.
I like the ones where he interviews former inmates they usually have interesting stories.
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China Mac the rapper has some good interviews on youtube. I think hes been out for a while but has some wild sotries.

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