Marcia Clark's upcoming ABC event series "The Fix"; Guess what the show is about...
Original trailer that ABC dropped May of last year:

2nd trailer they dropped this past December:

They dropped this in early February:

Quote:"I wanted to write The Fix because it really does wrap in all of my life experience." - Marcia Clark

The Fix premieres March 18 at 10|9c on ABC
A few more promos that dropped within the last week or so:

The media loves stories of brothers fucking up, but I don't, so this is a hard pass for me.
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Fuck this broad, fuck her show, fuck Disney and fuck YouTube.

Now that comments are moderated on Youtube, every shitty video gets reviewed like it's Casablanca or something. This show looks like dogshit and ABC could only find EIGHT positive comments to allow past moderation.

Shit. Sandwich.
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