Porn Casting/Audition
There some good scenes out there with apparent first timers doing porn auditions.  The Tee Reel IR Casting Couch series is the obvious one.

However, theres a real hard to find series. I’ve seen them on xhamster but the user deleted the vids and their profile.  It was older than the Tee Reel ones and seemed to be just one fixed camera angle, the male talent was very vocal when cumming and there were some quite surprising female talents. Quite good vids, with an unusual angle. 

Anyone got any links or pointers as to where to locate the hard to find series?
To get the ball rolling, this is my fave from the HD castingcouch series which is Tee Reel
Does anyone know the names of the girls in the HD Casting Couch scenes of the ones with Ari, and Anne?

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