Swat Officer found not Guilty on 1 count, Jury hung on other 3.
Its been 2.5 years but anybody else remember the Miami SWAT cop that shot the behavioral therapist with the severly autistic patient while he was laying on the ground with his hands up telling cops not to shoot his patient only had a toy train.  


The trial concluded the other day he was aquitted on the culpable negligence charge while the a verdict could not be reached on the other 3 counts.

The jury of 6 voted 5 to 1 in favor of aquital on the other counts with the lone holdout being an older latino man.  After the verdicts came down

After the decision, in the hallway outside the fourth-floor courtroom, jury foreperson Mario Alberto Lopez walked up to Aledda and shook his hand.

“My apologies for not being able to clear you today,” Lopez told him.

“I think he acted like a reasonable police officer should have in such a nerve-wracking situation,” Lopez said afterward. “I thought he was not guilty from the moment he took the stand.”

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The jury system is broken.

You have some many right wingers who have been indoctrinated by Fox News and and these fake cop shows on network TV. They worship the police and District Attorneys know how to weed these people out of the jury pool to make sure they get on.

The effect works in reverse for poor people and minorities. They can't wait to convict on spotty evidence.
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I'm getting sick of people giving cops al this leeway when it comes to shooting innocent and unarmed people. I know being a cop is dangerous and everything, but they chose that job, the chose to put themselves in harm's way, citizens didn't. Cops should be like the Secret Service and citizens should be like important officials, our lives should come first.

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