Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
And the original OG himself Lando is back
[Image: 17430100.gif]

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I'm not a fan of that Subtitle, but it looks like a pretty clear indication that they are retconning Rey's family connection to Luke and Leia.
The lost me with Admiral Holdo's cunt ass.

I may go see it just for the visuals, but I've lost faith in the series.

Also, if this nigga chased her ass all across the universe and don't even get to kiss her then fuck Disney.
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Its almost like Abrams is trolling Rian Johnson in the trailer: The title, Luke's repaired light saber, Kylo reforging his helmet, etc.
Kathleen Kennedy basically admitted the title was clickbait and meant nothing. Bruh, shits fucking dead to me.[url=

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