Alex Coal
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Didn't find a thread on this chick yet but this bitch is bad af, and has a crazy good fuck game. Like legit crazy, her eyes be going diff directions and her head be twitching and shit when she's in freak mode. She's like some weirdo Goth/Vamp chick apparently and does mostly fetish videos. Her ass is phat as hell for such a slim frame, and she can twerk it with the best of them. def slim thick for real. Unfortunately i've only found a couple ir scenes from her, 1 on irpass, 1 on some stepdad site, and a few on clips4sale all with Jax.

All the ones on clips4sale are also super hero/villain themed, but the scene from the gifs i posted below is one of the hottest scenes i ever seen ever. She made this nigga Jax nut twice, once in her mouth and once in her pussy. I got that vid if any 1 wants it i'll upload in openload or something. If anyone else finds any more of her ir scenes plz post it here.

Here's a quick preview of the super hero scene, look at DAT ASS!

[Image: giphy.gif]

Here's a link to her ir pass scene with Jax, this bitch is a freak, she was even suckin on that niggas toes:

[Image: 73907640996690339678_thumb.jpg]

[Image: w384_h512b.jpg]

And here's her scene with JonJon:

[Image: alexgreen.jpg]
[Image: aincest-17014-Alex-Coal-Test-Drives-Her-Stepdad1.jpg]

And here some gifs from the Super Hero/Villain scene with Jax:

[Image: previewlg_20715145.jpg]

The third gif is from a vid i dont have unfortunately, but look how freaky that bitch gets cot damn


[Image: gv60-17PDS_18503-101918-Livewire-md.gif]

[Image: gv60-17PDS_18502-101918-Livewire-md.gif]
[Image: gv60-17PDS_18806-md.gif]
i say gahdamn

[Image: 292181t.gif]
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(04-26-2019, 04:12 PM)Shotgun Styles Wrote: Blue haired crazies aren't my type.

But I'm glad to see you back, HNIC.

It's amazing how new wave feminists have altered our way of thinking about women with weird hair color. One day your "mutually" flirting with each other, the next day your getting charged with sexual harassment.
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I always forget about her (and how she looks) in the sea of names, but whenever I see her name in a new scene I always think, "Oh, Alex Coal, this should be good." And I've seen her name a lot lately, so its nice to see a lil appreciation for this thot. She really gets into it sometimes.

Was also unaware of that superhero/Black Lightning scene, so thanks HNIC
Good to see you back, HNIC. Smile
Reminds me of Larkin Love
She has a great all natural body. I like her

Gotta love the ignore function!

^ Indeed. No plastic and no tats. The blue hair is only for a specific "superhero" character she plays for that one site as well. It's equivalent to Halle Berry having white hair as Storm.
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She looks kinda familiar. Didn't she go by another name previously? Or maybe I'm thinking of someone else.. Confused
Looks like the super heroe scene creampie is a fucking fake creampie, looks exactly like the fake Prince Yashua one with Harley Jade.

fuck only Rob Piper did real ones
Looks like a winner to me. So far.

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Black Women are the Toast, but White Girls are my Jam.

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