TX cop shoots black woman as she screams that she's pregnant
(05-17-2019, 10:47 AM)Shotgun Styles Wrote:
(05-16-2019, 07:43 PM)Spops Wrote: Look, I know pretty damn well myself that melee can be messy, let alone trying to peacefully apprehend someone resisting so much. But seeing this shit pisses me off- it's TOO sloppy.  WTF kind of training do these officers have? You got officers firing wildly when other officers/civilians are directly in line of fire, and you got dumb shit like this where an officer fumbles around and can't grab one woman and lay her ass down on her chest. Normally, I'd just say that people don't always perform perfectly, give the officer some slack, but I see myself saying that too much lately.

I get that things may have escalated before he could get backup, and I get that possibly- for some reason- he HAD to try to apprehend the woman and not let her get away. But if you're gonna fuck up this badly, missing tasers and then getting weapons stolen, causing you to shoot someone 4 or 5 times while stumbling backwards... Maybe don't even try. If a random civilian with presumably no training or skill can 1up you like this, you're in the wrong field. It's like asking someone to build a house and they don't know how, but try to anyways.

I walk back and forth on officers getting military training and operating more like the military every time I see this. Sure, it's DUMB AS FUCK to engage with officers the way the woman did, but two wrongs don't make a right, and the onus is on the authority here.

His first mistake was not waiting for backup. He assumed he could just take her down because she was a woman. 

He didn't protect his non-lethal weapon and it got taken. That's entirely on him. Had he waited for backup instead of going straight for the taser, this could have ended peacefully. 

Cops can lie. So lie. Tell her "I don't think we have to take you in for this, lets just talk to my partner when he gets here." Keep her calm. De-escalate. When backup arrives you surround her and take her down easily. 

Having said all that: you go for the cop's gun or stick and it's your ass. I can't fault a cop for shooting you when you have the ability to kill or incapacitate him. I don't like it, but the more comes out about this bitch the more I think she had it coming.

I agree about that last part as well. Once you demonstrate potential lethal force, I'm not gonna hold it against the cop for dropping you. So ultimately he did what he had to do. But when the whole clip looks like it could've been part of a comedy with the premise of some milquetoast nobody wannabe cop trying to prove he can be an officer, something is wrong. The scary thing is that she could have grabbed the gun instead during the tussle. While the woman eventually asked for it, the officer performed way too poorly.
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My brother use to work in the police department, says many cops purposely egg people and pull shit like this as an excuse to kill people. I believe it. You really think a little woman like that could wrestle a tazer away from a man 4 times her size? The fact the tazer was discharged made it impossible for her to even stun him and he knew that, but he was playing games to get her killed because he knew her and her mental illness. That man is one sick fuck in my view. He ran several feet, whipped out his gun and blew her away in cold blood. Yet when white mass shooters with guns shoot up dozens of kids they some how get taken into custody without a shot fired. But this little old lady was some big bad threat who had to be put down?

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