Anybody pick up on this kid from Texas?  Stupid fast white boy from Texas.  Just started racing 100M this year.  Posted a sub 10 (9.98) 100 Yard Dash but it was a wind aided.  Then he starts the final leg of the 4x400 relay 10 meters behind and tracks the leader down.   Far and away the best part is listening to the announcer talking with him still 10M behind "at 300 meters, we see it coming, ladies and gentlemen get your cameras out."

He's headed to Georgia for track.  He does the long jump as well.  Might be fun to watch his march to the Olympics as long as he is legit.  

IR relationships everywhere, a white kid sprinting, maybe this country isn't as fucked as we think it is...

This is not some new phenomenon. Look up Valeriy Borzov.

Or Jeremy Wariner. He was a sensation a few years ago, a contemporary of Michael Johnson. He's got 3 Olympic gold medals.
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I think I'm going to watch track for the first time because there is a fast white kid running in high school. Sarcasm
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Friends -

Recalls that world class Chinese sprint-hurdler about 15 years ago that was just killin' boys on the track.  Brothas were not happy that this dawg was just laying waste to all comers.  He won gold in the 110 meter hurdles in 2004 in Athens, breaking the Olympic record in the process.  His problem was that the next Olympics, 2008, was in Beijing with the weight of a billion Chinese on his shoulders on his home turf.  When he got hurt and didn't even make it out of the heats I think the entire country went on suicide watch.

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I saw the race.  Kid has some wheels.  Should be very interesting.
In Ohio there is a white hurdler/sprinter that ran a 4.25 in the 40 yard dash. His name is Chad Zallow and he is contemplating the NFL upon graduation this June from college.

1. He ran a 9.98, which was so heavily wind aided they had to have the kids run in the OPPOSITE direction.  It is not considered a legal/official time.  Without the heavy wind aid he ran a 10.13 a (1.3+), and prior to that a 10.22 wind aided as well.  Which is a very strong time but not record breaking nonetheless.

2. Media is not being honest. Matt Boling is not a kid, he is not a boy, he is actually almost 19 years old MAN who is 6'2 (in 2 weeks he will turn 19 in June) and was born in 2000 and stayed behind in school for a year.  To put that in perspective, when I was 19, I was in my THIRD year of university.  He is a man competing against children who don't even have facial hair and haven't finished growing.  Most grade 12s are either 17 years old (or 18 if born before graduation-typically born before July).  Boling 9.98 performance is not a record, but it occurred some time around April or early May, and most people in grade 12 haven't turned 18 yet.  What you have is a man, with a man's physique competing against kids, boys and children who clearly haven't filled in yet and have under developed (or normal high school athlete physiques.  I

3. He has an advanced athletes physique who has been lifting for years, which is fine for a 19 year old, but when you look at his time compared to other people who are 19, it really is not that impressive.  There is nowhere his physique can go up from here, short of drug use, he won't add more muscle, he has very low body fat, his form it very strong, so what you have is a man who has nowhere up to go. The other kids coming in 2nd and 3rd can lift weights to increase their muscle 

4. Once his competitors start lifting and practicing nutrition in the same way as him when they reach Uni and learn this, he won't be coming in first anymore.  He was already wearing a strap on his knee when doing the long jump, which means his knee is coming out of place, if he keeps lifting, he is going to blow his knee out and that will be the end of his career.
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Hey there,

I was just trying to highlight something a little different that might be of interest. And any kid of any color that is this good merits attention. And while it's hardly mainstream, I can only take so much NBA see agency talk since it started last November. (Never mind that the playoffs are still going on, do you think KD is headed to the Knicks?!)

1. To your point Ipay4, his time was totally wind aided, but the 10.13 still ranked higher than 5 of the 2016 Men's Semis 100M in Rio, so let's not act like it's not a big deal. And his time in the 400 ranked higher than 13 of the Men's Semi's in Rio so let's not act like its all a fraud generated by the media.

2. I read about kids ages in sports and I think it's straight up cheating BUT it's not like when we were in college/university. Kids EVERYWHERE are staying back earlier than every to get a competitive advantage. A recent article from the Washington Post stated the following, "with some estimating that half of all Division I-bound men’s basketball players reclassed in middle school or younger." Most great high school athletes are men among boys. And if they aren't they all get red shirted anyway.

3. You might be right, but I would point out that his 10.13 gets him the gold medal at the 2018 NCAAs.

4. Sounds like you are rooting for the kid to fail. Maybe the world catches up to him or maybe he is special and SINCE HE HAS NEVER RUN THE 100M IN COMPETITION BEFORE THIS YEAR, he has some room for improvement. If it's not your thing, that's cool too; but slow your roll on the hate. Let's see how it plays out. Maybe he gets better, maybe he fizzles out. Gotta put the odds somewhere around the same as drafting a QB in the first round.

Peace and enjoy the weekend. I hope Tiger can pull off a miracle.
(05-16-2019, 07:45 AM)kt466 Wrote: 4.  Sounds like you are rooting for the kid to fail.  


...was all you needed to say.
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