UK Dating Show: Naked Attraction
You gotta give it to the Brits they come up with some very interesting concepts for dating shows.  This show has been on a couple of year and I recently came across it.  Basically takes all the guess work out because all the contestants start out naked and you basically whittle them down from 6 to 1 based totally on their naked body parts starting from the bottom up.

Just Some interesting Clips I found some pretty nice looking ladies appear on this show. male and female full frontal uncensored nudity  so be forwarned

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I have all the seasons on the drive but it's really hard to get through. Really cringe inducing. And the women they have, well, not the best to say the least. And of course they have to use trans folk and the disabled folk. I only watch these shitty reality tv shows if they have interracial element to it. And if I'm not mistaken the women here never picked a black guy. But I think there are few episodes where the black guy has to be pick the girls so that's fun. When it's not cringe inducing. Just really makes you wonder what will happen next on "telly"
This is good, but for me, the U.K. show Dating In The Dark was even more creative, very ingenious concept.
Lol it’s funny to watch with friends to be honest, trying to guess who they’ll eliminate

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