j is for J....
Jayden Jaymes
[Image: JJ_m.jpg]

Jenna Ivory
[Image: JIV_m.jpg]  

Joslyn James
[Image: JOJ_m.jpg]  

Julie Cash
[Image: JC_m.jpg]  

Jada Stevens
[Image: JS_m.jpg]
[Image: julesjordan02-750x410_m.jpg]

Interracial Porn is Black Men/White Woman, real porn
Lots of honorable mentions, but there is only one...

Jada Stevens
~~ PM me about dead links or if you need help finding rare IR scenes - I will try my best ~~
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1a jayden james
1b jessica sweet
1c jordan star
jojo kiss for me.
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Julia Ann
[Image: giphy.gif]
Looks like my first post just disappeared so here is my Top 3
#1 the Queen Jada Stevens
#2 Jenna Ivory
#3A is old school Jessica Darlin/#3b Jewel Deynle
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Jayden Jaymes
Julia Ann
Jada Stevens
JULIE CASH for me. Dat azz is something special.

[Image: Ek1ZwC9t_o.gif][Image: NRLQpomf_o.jpg][Image: zN8lh0ur_o.gif]
[Image: iGX5G6xN_o.jpg]
Jessica Darlin in retrospect was sooooooooooo underrated . . . with her pierced tongue and pigtails she was the epitome of teen porn in the 1990's!!!

Loved her some Marcus too . . . gave up PAM like she owed him a drug debt lol
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Janet Mason
Jessica Bangkok
Jasmin Byrne

HM: Jada Stevens

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