White pornstars who only do black men?
There's none its all bout the money and if a ho's getin paid she'll fuck anyone Black White whatever ....you ever see that Minion site WTF!
Never seen Spring with a white guy
you havent looked enough she did a few before she went with the BOB guys exclusive
heres one of Spring suking off a white dude
http://www.spankwire.com/Spring-Thomas- ... deo131365/
No, she likes fucking black men but likes dating/marrying white guys. I like fucking thicker women but my wife is skinny...all about preference.
Don't sleep on Katie Kox
[Image: gomez.avicvnh.gif]
Janet Mason
Miss Lady,She did a scene with Tom Byron look like she didn't want to be there I guess thats why the scene was short.She prefers the brothers.And Austin Taylor is a close second...
Pretty sure I've seen Janet Mason doing white guys - some kind of special "Milf hunting" video.
Sorry Man - A ho's a ho ! If money is involved, they all go for the only color - green !

The ones that only do black guys just may not bother going to other studios...

For some women porn is just fun...

Tell spring thomas you have 1k if she fucks you now on camera...

will she say no?

of course not!

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