IR website update thread
(5 hours ago)ir-prince Wrote:
(5 hours ago)J Mac Wrote: Now we have Dark X, Black is Better and TLBC now, I do wish Brazzers would do an all IR site but that not going to happen but they do have IR scenes like 3 or 4 every month now. Also, 
you need to now how Manwin/mindGreek works. The parent company for Brazzers. they own Black is better and Naughty America. So they see how lucrative the IR genre is and they want them dollars. 

Brazzers is their crown jewel but they have IR sites under their umbrella

Oh I forgot about that MindGreek owned Black is Better but they don't update it that much. Mindgreek doesn't even own Naughty America but they have starting to shoot more IR scenes in VR scenes these which is a big waste.
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