Porn Stars with (alleged) Black Boyfriends/Hubbies
IR porn fan Wrote:Sophie escorts which makes me think even more her marriage is a shame.I can understand her doing porn while married to a fellow porn star but not escorting

It's the same thing really. I think your reading to much into...also you need to keep in mind her husband is a performer, agent, and producer. He's probaly more comfortable with things, than say the average joe.

If you read her blog, she seems to be happily married. Alot of the girls who are married...long marriages even, escort.
IR porn fan Wrote:
crophere Wrote:Katja Kassin and Sledgehammer always had good chemistry

Many say that marriage was for immigration issues,same with sophie dee and her husbend

I do think it was marriage of convenience, but if you read her post on ADT, you get the impression that she loves him.
Almost forgot that Juelz Ventura was married to a black guy before porn.
I believe Trinity Post was either dating or married to a black dude.
nirado Wrote:Alanah Rae's stepdad is black
Now I want see Alanah in a My New Black Stepdaddy video.
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Lisa Ann in Lex The Impaler 4
I think people in here just makin most of this shit up.
i say gahdamn

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HNIC Wrote:I think people in here just makin most of this shit up.

I don't care enough to do that, but you are free to believe whatever you want, fruit loop.
HNIC Wrote:I think people in here just makin most of this shit up.

I don't see any proof either.
Wasn't Silvia Saint married to Mr. Marcus? That mights have had something to so with immigration issues, but they always had great chemistry.
nirado Wrote:Not really. It's about the money, man. You really can get make your career last a little longer if you hold out for awhile.

That's one of the favorite reasons some dodgers give. A number of successful girls have debunked that.
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