Porn Stars with (alleged) Black Boyfriends/Hubbies
prove i'm lying or stfu **sigh** this board.
Chill the fuck out.
you guys are gonna get this shit locked. lets grow up and get over it
guess whos back
Marcus was also banging Careena Collins' Sado-masochistic ass, back in the day.
Can I just inject something in this thread as well? About the validity and invalidity of making certain claims?
For example the argument "I've been on a spaceship and since you can't disprove it, that means it's true," seems silly, doesn't it?
The converse argument is equally valid until someone provides proof for their argument.
We can all say we know this and we know that (for example I have first hand knowledge that Tracey Adams found black men attractive or at least one black man, because I met her in a strip club and had a good time- she ignored plenty of other patrons to talk to me, guys who wanted to throw money at her, we hung out he introduced me to her girlfriend, we drank, made out...). However other than a twenty year old Polaroid from Flashdancers and some memories, I couldn't prove it for a second.
Nobody can disprove it per se, but it's irrelevant as those who choose not to believe me, have no reason to. So unless someone is going to offer irrefutable proof, much of this is simply second hand knowledge, so let's take it with a grain of salt if people choose not to take everything here at face value.
mogerland Wrote:Wasn't Silvia Saint married to Mr. Marcus? That mights have had something to so with immigration issues, but they always had great chemistry.

They were never married, that I heard about. They dated for awhile, and I remember back on the old MM Forum, that Mr. Marcus talked about her breaking up with him and breaking his heart. Don't know all the details.
I remember hearing about Alana Evans (older school white pornstar) being married to a black guy at one point.
Sophie Dee is married to Lee Bang.
Tori Black's boyfriend is black and there's rumors going around that they're expecting.
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nirado Wrote:
HNIC Wrote:I think people in here just makin most of this shit up.

I don't care enough to do that, but you are free to believe whatever you want, fruit loop.

lol@the guy who watches incest porn calling me a fruit loop
i say gahdamn

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