BM/WF IR in TV/Movies
I hear on that bruh lol! I mean silver was all over him season 1 and the begining of season 2. Tristan and jessica stroup had good chemistry and IR chemistry is RARE on tv. People want them back together because of the brandon and kelly thing. Brandon walsh went thru alota hoes! Dixon didnt go thru as many but he went thru some hotties atleast. He had a few including the Hot Hippie surfer girl"Ivy"Gillian gzinser but I prefer brunettes myself. I can relate Adrianna to valerie"tiffany amber theissen" who was kinda the vixen who created own bad luck with people who was also thick and smokin H-O-T! for the record brandon went thru her too. Dixon should go thru Arianna. I dont think that this will be a long term thing tho. I think atleast we can get one good softcore scene out of em lol
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Player Wrote:
Realdeal7 Wrote:Brittany Snow and some black dude sucked face on the past 4 episodes of "harrys law"
That's funny because her character in 'American Dreams' seemed to have a little crush on Arlen Escarpeta.

[Image: 864677110216magharryslaw1.jpg]
[Image: 507842harryslaw43.jpg]
I know and its was fucked up that they couldnt touch one another because of their family racial issues!
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Im not sure If Britney Snow and the black guy is still a couple on that show. Harrys law is on the second season Now
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Jessica Lowndes 90210
[Image: jessica-lowndes-maxim-party.jpg]
[Image: jessica_lowndes_behind.jpg]
Just the way I like em Brunette Gorgeous eyes and a little thick
[Image: jessica-lowndes-7.jpg]
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I feel a pic onslaught coming
More Jessica lowndes I just love her exotic look
[Image: Full201012231051566145673_Jessica-Lowndes-main.jpgx]
Tweet Joking I guess?
[Image: Jessica-L-s-tweets-dixon-and-adrianna-25...00-248.png]
[Image: a-d-dixon-and-adrianna-25473551-500-281.jpg]
[Image: normal_90210-4x08-042.jpg]
[Image: normal_90210-4x08-044.jpg]
[Image: normal_90210-4x06-069.jpg]
[Image: Jessica_Lowndes%252BAug_10_2009.jpg] I almost forgot..She's Canadian! Most canucks don't mind being down with the brown
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Interesting IR storylines on American TV recently.

You've got 90210, which has been discussed above, where Dixon does Adrianna. He has previously done Silver and was dating Ivy but broke up with before he screwed her. So Dixon never fucked Ivy but she might have blown him! Of the remaining female characters you only have Annie and Naomi left. Obviously Annie is his sister (by adoption) so that is never going to happen but I am hoping Naomi is next as AnnaLynn is very sexy! Annie has previously gone black with Liam's step brother Charlie, who was played by an Actor who is the son of Diana Ross. So only Naomi is yet to go black out of the main femal characters! Writers you know what to do! LOL

On Ringer, Sarah Michelle Gellar's character Bridget slept with her black friend. Buffy goes black! LOL
[Image: th_41637_BuffytheVampireSlayerSarahMiche..._418lo.jpg]
[Image: th_41681_MV5BMTIxNzIxOTUyNV5BMl5BanBnXkF...1180lo.jpg]

On Pan Am they did an Interracial storyline with the hottest stewardess played by the stunning Margot Robbie sleeping with a black man.

[Image: th_41317_MargotRobbie_JTM_057153_122_394lo.jpg][Image: th_41368_MV5BMTU2NjcyMTI1MF5BMl5BanBnXkF..._552lo.jpg]

On Hart of Dixie, you have the Black Mayor in a love triangle with an engaged blond babe played by hottie Jaime King who struggles to control her feelings for him!
[Image: th_41877_jaimeking_122_697lo.jpg] [Image: th_41964_Cress_Williams_2_122_20lo.jpg]

These are just the shows I watch! BM/WF relationship stories seem to be everywhere all of a sudden! Interracial going mainstream?
[Image: dolly.png]
Hart of dixie is one of my favorite new shows. I don't think that the writers are gonna pair him up with a sista. I also don't see the writers ever pairing him up with zoey until maybe season 3 if there is ever gonna be one. 90210 If naomi is gonna hook up with dixon its never gonna be this season lol Brandon didn't go thru his whole cast but most of it. I don't see the writters going that route soon. I like adrianna for now. They say Milk does a body good. Well the CW does a brotha good. Sarah michel gellar is a hot piece and the Pan Am info is new its it shame what happened to Joe over same bullshit. Great points and good finds Revelation
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revelation Wrote:On Pan Am they did an Interracial storyline with the hottest stewardess played by the stunning Margot Robbie sleeping with a black man.

[Image: th_41317_MargotRobbie_JTM_057153_122_394lo.jpg][Image: th_41368_MV5BMTU2NjcyMTI1MF5BMl5BanBnXkF..._552lo.jpg]
Funny thing again, the brotha on the pic is Gaius Charles played in the TV serie 'Friday Night Lights'. In one episode he was on point to fuck Adrianne Palicki but his mom ruined everything. Revenge. LOL
We shouldnt be surprised by the amount of IR going on the CW. They have had a history of this with these teen drama comedies having an interracial couple at some point in the show going back to when the network was called the WB.

Popular: Carly Pope and Anthony Montgomery
What I like About You: Wesley Johnathan + Alison Munn
One Tree Hill: Antwon Tanner + Bevin Prince, Antwon Tanner + Barbara Alyn Woods , Antwon Tanner + Alison Munn
Hellcats: Aly Michalka + Robbie Jones
Buffy: DB Woodside + Eliza Duskhu
Angel: J. August Richards + Amy Acker

As for current shows its not just the networks but the cable channel, on the Starz series Boss Hannah Ware plays the daughter of the mayor of Chicago and she gets involved with Rotimi Akinosho who plays a drug dealer (of course) that she is "fascinated" by.
The Martin Lawrence Eddie Murphy prison movie. "Life". That white chick was so Pure, and she had a thing for black meat. Funny as shit.

Haha, Comments below are funny too. Crackers.

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