BM/WF IR in TV/Movies
Can anyone post the name of the show that ELiza Dushku had an ir sex scene. I believe it was from a series.
Quote:Here is the TRAILER. As for your question, I don't think so. I remember Damon Wayans Jr being married to a white woman in THIS comedy series and they certainly were the main characters from what I remember.
Happy Endings was an ensemble show that doesn't have a lead. Several shows would count under that. Apparently there was some obscure show back in the early 90's called True Colors that had a lead interracial committed couple, the only other example I could find. That show seemed to be about race which makes the nonchalance of the new Lucy Hale show a definite development
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elblazer Wrote:A more conventional pairing by this site's standards on Lucifer with Charisma Carpenter
[Image: vlcsnap_2017_12_04_21h42m16s504.png]
Any more of this couple?

I took a look, and sadly it's the only scene where they're together. Too bad, because Charisma is the ultimate Milf IMO
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i remember in the mid-2000s Andre Braugher headlined a brief FX series called "Thief" i think, where he was married to a white woman and part of the subplot as he and his crew planned a heist was him dealing with his stepdaughter (the wife might have died in the first ep, i'm not 100%, it was over a decade ago)
House of Lies had a lot of great IR scenes, for example : Kristen Bell Nicky Whelan Lisa Edelstein Dawn Olivieri
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a great youtube account to follow for ir scenes on tv/movies :
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There was a tiny clip in the middle of a Drunk History episode where a girl got her first kiss from a black guy. sometime in series 1, I think.
Transformers Cybertron/Galaxy Force anime had a black man Franklin and an asian woman Lucy interracial marriage in the final episode. In the Japanese dub, he shouts out loud "I Love You!" in english. [Image: Tf_galaxy_force_vol_13.jpg]

[Image: CobyLoriWedding.jpg]
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Anyone know what movies these are from?
^I would have to check the rest but from the top of my head
Me Chama de Bruna (the first one)
Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning the second one
The one with the Rock is Ballers
The one with asian chick is Ray Donovan
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