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And R.I.P. to...

[Image: th_edkoch_zpsb8419df1.jpg]
Edward Irving "Ed" Koch (1924-2013)~Ed Koch who was mayor of New York City for 3 terms (1978-1989), and a member of the House Of Representatives (1969-1977), died on Friday, February 1st, 2013 of heart failure. Koch was 88 years old.
And R.I.P. to:

[Image: th_jerry_buss_1_576_zps0ad9621d.jpg]
Gerald Hatten "Jerry" Buss (1933-2013)~Jerry Buss, who was the long-time owner of the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers, died on Monday, February 18th, 2013 of kidney failure. Buss was 80 years old. Under Buss' ownership, the Lakers won 10 NBA championships. Buss had also owned the Los Angeles Kings (NHL), the Los Angeles Sparks (WNBA), and the Los Angeles Lazers (MISL). He eventually sold both the Kings & Sparks, while the Lazers folded in 1989 (the MISL followed suit just 3 years later). Buss is survived by his six children, whose names all start with "J": Johnny, Jim, Jeanie, Janie, Joey and Jesse.

[Image: th_mindymccready_zpsa19a2d69.jpg]
Malinda Gayle "Mindy" McCready (1975-2013)~Mindy McCready, a Country singer whose early success was eventually replaced by personal turmoil, died on Sunday, February 17th, 2013 of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. McCready was just 37 years old. Most of McCready's success was from her early albums: The first, Ten Thousand Angels, peaked at 5th on the US Country Charts, and her 2nd, If I Don't Stay The Night, peaked at 12th. She also had 5 US Country Top 20 singles, with her biggest hit being Guys Do It All The Time, which reached #1. But, McCready's career took a downward spiral (no singles that charted since 2002), as personal problems (drug addiction, multiple arrests, and mutiple suicide attempts) seemingly took control of her life.

In 2008, it was revealed that McCready had a relationship with star MLB pitcher Roger Clemens, beginning when she was just 15 or so. Clemens has denied that the relationship was anything more than friendship, but McCready has said that the relationship was sexual, although not from the very beginning. Just a little over a month ago, McCready's boyfriend, David Wilson, also killed himself with a gun. This was right on McCready's front porch, where McCready herself was found dead. McCready's death leaves her two sons, Zander, and Zayne (w/David Wilson), as orphans. The two boys are currently in foster care.
And R.I.P. to...

[Image: th_bonnie_franklin_one_day_at_a_time_zps42f0ef0e.jpg]
Bonnie Gail Franklin (1944-2013)~Bonnie Franklin, best known as the divorced mother of two daughters (played by Valerie Bertinelli & Mackenzie Phillips), Anne Romano, on the hit TV series "One Day At A Time", died on Friday, March 1st, 2013, from complications caused by pancreatic cancer. Franklin was 69. One Day At A Time ran from 1975-1984 on CBS. The show was very successful in the ratings: Top 10 in 4 of it's seasons, and Top 20 in all but the last (47th).

Ironically, despite her popularity as a TV mom, Franklin never had any children of her own, although she was married twice (divorced once, then widowed by her second husband). R.I.P., Ms. Romano---as Schneider might say...

Bonnie Franklin video tribute

One Day At A Time- Season 1 Opening Theme
And R.I.P. to...

[Image: th_Patty-Andrews_510x649_zps8a7f42fe.jpg]
Patricia Marie "Patty" Andrews (1918-2013)~Patty Andrews, who was the youngest and last surviving member of the Andrews Sisters (LaVerne & Maxene being the other two), died on January 30th, 2013 of natural causes. Patty Andrews was 94 years old. Patty Andrews was the lead singer of the Andrews Sisters, who are considered the most successful female singing group of the first half of the 20th century. Their hit songs include: "Bei Mir Bist Du Schön", "Hold Tight, Hold Tight", and their signature song, "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy".

The Andrews Sisters had over 100 charted songs, including 46 Top Ten hits. The group split up in 1953, but reunited in 1956, recording together until just before oldest sister LaVerne's death in 1967. Patty and Maxene went their seperate ways, shortly after LaVerne's death, but reunited in the early 70's doing a broadway show ("Over Here"). A dispute with the show's producers, however, ended the show, and Patty & Maxene were estranged for the most part (save for a few occasions) for the rest of their lives. Maxene died in 1995 after suffering a heart attack.

[b]Patty Andrews Of The Andrews Sisters Dies At 94

[Image: th_Dale-Robertson-obit_zps846a7300.jpg]
Dayle Lymoine "Dale" Robertson (1923-2013)~Dale Robertson, best known for appearing in westerns like "Tales Of Wells Fargo" and "The Iron Horse", died on February 26th, 2013 from complications due to cancer and pneumonia. Robertson was 89 years old.

Dale Robertson always reminded me of Clark Gable. They had a similar look (especially when Dale had a mustache) and sounded a lot alike. Dale, though, never became the big star like Gable---probably too typecast as a cowboy, for one possible reason. Anyway, I only have vague memories of TOWF (haven't seen it since childhood), but "The Iron Horse" was on ME-TV last year. It was an okay show---nothing special, but it did have great guest stars. Dale was on the first season of Dynasty, but disappeared after one season. It has been long-rumored that Dale quit because they wanted him to play a homosexual, but I don't know if that's true or just gossip. Anyway, RIP, Dale Robertson...

Tales Of Wells Fargo Opening credits
And sadly, another R.I.P... This one is for a R&B legend:

[Image: th_bobbysmith_zps5800cb1e.jpg]
Robert "Bobby or Bobbie" Smith: (1936-2013)~Bobby Smith, who was the original lead singer of The Spinners, died on Saturday, March 16th, 2013 from complications of pneumonia and influenza. Smith was 76 years old.

The Spinners singing "I'll Be Around" on Soul Train:

Here, they sing "Games People Play", which is a personal favorite of mine. I laugh every time that brotha lip-synchs the female part in the song...:
And R.I.P. to:

[Image: th_carmineinfantino_zpsd41b8ef1.jpg][Image: th_Showcase4_zps3ce9f748.jpg][Image: th_flash-123-full_02_zpsb57e7c6e.jpg][Image: th_detectivecomics359_zps4cdd80f5.jpg]
Carmine Infantino (1925-2013)~Comics legend Carmine Infantino, best known for drawing "The Flash", died on April 4th, 2013 at the age of 87. Infantino helped to usher in the "Silver Age" of comics by revamping The Flash in Showcase #4. Some years later, Infantino created a new look for Batman, and had a hand in creating the new Batgirl. Infantino later became a DC Comics editor & publisher. He also worked on Marvel Comics titles such as Spider-Woman, Nova & Star Wars. A true comics legend & great cover artist---R.I.P., Carmine Infantino...
And R.I.P. to:

[Image: th_rogerebert-rip-261x300_zps8671d1cd.jpg]
Roger Joseph Ebert (1942-2013)~Pulitzer Prize winning movie critic, Ebert, who is best known for co-hosting the long running "At The Movies", died on April 4th, 2013, from complications due to cancer. Ebert was 70 years old.

Roger Ebert, who wrote movie reviews for the Chicago Sun-Times, and the late Gene Siskel, who wrote for rival paper the Chicago Tribune, first teamed up on a PBS show called "Sneak Previews". This was followed by the sydnicated "At The Movies", which made the two critics household names. After Siskel died in 1999 of a brain tumor, Ebert worked with rotating guest hosts, until finally, Richard Roeper became his regular co-host.

In addition to his work as a film critic, Ebert also worked as a co-writer on some films produced by Russ Meyer, most notably the cult classic "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls". Ebert is survived by his wife, Chaz.
[Image: th_annette-funicello-mouseketeer_zps77592ce3.jpg][Image: th_annette-funicello-1961_zpse7ca94ef.jpg]
Annette Joanne Funicello (1942-2013)~The beloved Funicello, well remembered as one of the original Mouseketeers on "The Mickey Mouse Club", as well as her "Beach Party" movies with Frankie Avalon, died on April 8th, 2013, from complications due to multiple sclerosis. Funicello was 70 years old.

Annette Funicello was arguably the most popular of the original Mouseketeers---she certainly was the most well-known. She received a ton of fan mail each week, and she appeared in a number of Disney films (usually with Tommy Kirk), and even recorded some pop songs. After her Disney contract was up, she appeared in the popular "Beach Party" films during the '60's with Frankie Avalon.

After having her three children, Funicello worked sporadically on television throughout the 70's & 80's, reuniting with Frankie Avalon in the TV movie "Back To The Beach". It was around this time that she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, but she did not reveal it publicly until 1992. Her health declined severely over the last 20 years, as she finally sucumbed to the disease on this very day.

Like many, I really liked Annette. She was my favorite Mouseketeer by far, and of course, she looked hot in those Beach Party movies. I also remember her on one season of "Make Room For Daddy", after they had written out (fired?) Sherry Jackson ("Terry Williams"). She played an Italian exchange student named Gina, who stayed with the Williams family. Too bad she was only on one season---I liked her on the show. It helped make up for the loss of Sherry Jackson, who, like Annette, grew into a sexy woman. R.I.P., Annette Funicello...

News report of Annette's death

Annette & Frankie singing "Beach Blanket Bingo"
And R.I.P. to:

[Image: th_Jonathan-Winters-9542640-1-402_zpsc111e87b.jpg]
Jonathan Harshman Winters III (1925-2013)~Actor/comedian Jonathan Winters, who rose to stardom in the 50's & 60's, died on April 11th, 2013 of apparently natural causes. Winters was 87 years old. Winters appeared mostly on television, but also did some film work, including the star-studded "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World" (1963). Winters appeared on the last season of "Mork & Mindy" as the title couple's son(!). He also did a ton of voice work, including the recent Smurfs movie (as Papa Smurf), and the voice of Grandpa Smurf on the original Smurfs series. Winters is survived by two children.

Jonathan Winters demolishes a gas station in "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World". The "bum with the glasses" that he's referring to was Phil "Sgt. Bilko" Silvers. One of the gas station guys is Arnold Stang (the skinnier guy), who was the voice for "Top Cat". The other guy I must've seen a million times, but I can't recall his name.
And R.I.P. to:

[Image: th_pat_summerall_zps8846a406.jpg][Image: th_pat_summerall_2_zpsa28ffd75.jpg]
George Allen "Pat" Summerall (1930-2013)~Pat Summerall, a former NFL player, and later long-time broadcaster, died on April 16th, 2013 of cardiac arrest. Summerall was 82 years old.

Pat Summerall was an NFL player (place kicker) for the Lions, Cardinals (then in Chicago) & Giants. He began his broadcasting career in 1962, but he really came into prominence when he was paired with Tom Brookshire in the broadcast booth. The team would become CBS' number one NFL broadcast team, until 1981, when Summerall was paired with John Madden, a former NFL coach. The pairing of the animated Madden, and the calm, cool, Summerall was a success, and arguably, they were the top NFL broadcast team for most of the 20 years that they were together.

R.I.P. to one of the best NFL voices of all time...

Pat Summerall: A Life Remembered

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