what body type in a porn chick do you enjoy looking at more
Seams like there are two extremes on this board. Ether guys like voluptuous women with serious Tits and Ass or they like small petite girls. As you can tell by my avatar you know in which category I fall in but, what do you guys prefer.
Great topic dude. I'm with you 100% the more voluptuous the better. I just can't get off on ultra petite (skinny) chicks no matter how lovely their faces are. Give me a chick with a body that could stop traffic and an ordinary face than the runway model type any day.
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Like iworship said all things being equal, I like both a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman voluptuous or petite.

I be the first to say it that I prefer the small petite types, those tend to be the types of women I am more drawn to in my personal life, but the ideal would be to find a woman that satisfies both.

Someone like an Annika Albrite she's that happy medium between both
I like whoever is hot and can fuck but I really like a chick with a great phat ass like Annika Albrite. She proves that you don't have to be chunky to have a big ass.
Hot is hot to me but generally I like a girl with Big Tits and a Big Ass. I'm a breast man a heart but I've also developed a love for a big round arse too. Big Grin

[Image: _53f6c2477e165cd038857554667b83bd.gif?noht=1]

[Image: 2ed3d046e9954dd9481b0c772582aede.gif]

[Image: _3fde0b68649031fe868ac470a41f4051.gif?noht=1]
I like'em all, so long as they appear fit/in shape. Doesn't mean they gotta be rail thin. I prefer the healthy but not overindulgent look.
Thick pear-shaped beauties. I like tits as much as the next man but a big old round jiggly ass is where it's at.
[Image: 2hrq340.jpg]

"I was told by a producer that I wouldn't go anywhere "being fat sucking Black dick". So I set out to stay fat and keep sucking Black dick" - Angelina Castro on why she ONLY does IR scenes
any chick with a body type like this is what i prefer: http://www.spankwire.com/Amazing-PAWG-B ... deo308187/

But as long as the girl is in shape, i dont care
[Image: 77220473b918c5979147b53a2ad2e7ad1f4b8be.jpg]
Her name is Sabella Monize
The face. Since being in shape doesn't seem to matter in porn any more.with these "starle....." ,ooops sorry,.these porn slut actresses, then I would say the face. If they're cute, I watch the bitch get fucked on screen. If they look like Sara Jay , ill pass.
For me it all depends on how much energy the girl has when performing.

I think girls like Sandra Romain and Liz del Sierra have PERFECT all natural bodies. Generally I’m into healthy chicks with a thick backside like Brianna Love , Ashli Orion, Naomi Russell (before the weight loss) with the thickest being a woman built like Paige Turnah who also has a lovely face.

But I can still enjoy extra slim chicks like Asa Akira and Hailey Young because they have above average faces and they bring good energy to their IR scenes.

Hailey Young


Asa Akira

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