Porn Acts/Genres I Don't Understand
IRBonanza Wrote:There are porn acts that simply intrique, turn us away or utterly disgust us. Personally never understood the following acts/genres.

Deepthroat and Gagging (unerotic)
Ass-2-Mouth + Spitting into each other's mouth (unhygienic)
Double Vag or Double Anal (gay-as-fuck)
Foot Fetish :roll:
Handjobs (can do that myself!!)
Peeing/Golden showers
Parodies (boring)
Themed porn (My Sister's this and My Dad's that.....)

Agree with everything. Yeah and the woman clothed I dont get that...UK porn is known for that women always have something on. Damn what's wrong with the chick being butt naked with no shoes on these days?

Gotta love the ignore function!

First few time I watched porn parodies/satires I laughed my ass off. It was also fun for those nights where I had friends over and we grabbed some booze, joints, pizza and popped in a porn parody into the DVD. Thing is though, it got old really fast. The acting sucks (yeah I know it's porn so what do ya expect), they aren't that funny and worst of all for a porn the sex is boring and the clothing/costumes the actors wear (especially in science fiction parodies like Star Trek or Star Wars) make it hard to enjoy.
Ok, I found this site last year. WTF I say. I expect this kind of shit from the Japanese, but it looks to be home-grown:

cuckold, anal gaping, and deepthroat gaging are things im just not into

if the girl looks like shes in pain, that shits a major turn off
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Her name is Sabella Monize
Cake Farts
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IRBonanza Wrote:CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male)

Whats the logic in fucking a fully clothed female? :?

Slightly agree...but I'll have to admit I have a strange thing for fucking with some cloths on...annoys my lady. It's more annoying when dudes like prince insist on wearing their boots or socks while fucking- nigga you already naked take your fuckin boots off.


Cuckold sucks but its very understandable. It's just a form of masochism.
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Scenario based porn is fine UNLESS it's a bullshit scenario like they have in Milfs Like it Black. Yeah sure, a hot chick like Blake Rose is going to pay big money to fuck the gardener, who is being pimped out as a gigolo by two fat retards...very realistic LOL
I never understood samantha sin two racist flicks insemenated by a black man and grip and cram johnsons cuckolds 4. I understand if the whole flick is racist but only her scenes were the racist ones. She said the word N*gger several times
guess whos back

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