1st Scene that turned you on to IR
Chasing the Big Ones 12. I was hooked right away. Within a year I didn't watch vanilla porn at all.
Way back in the 80's seeing Lili Marlene take on King Paul and two other bros in a BlacksandBlondes' loop
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April Flowers and Mr Marcus
Just Fuckin' 1 with Justin Slayer doing Angel Dark and Stacy Silver was the turning point for me.
There was no single scene, it has always been my preference.
Sean Michaels and Bianca Trump. I used to love Bianca Trump. Too bad she went all Aryan Nation, meth addict.
meredith Wrote:Tavalia Griffin w/ Lexington Steele and Byron Long.

That was an early one for me to. I thought it was just Tavalia, but I checked out her stuff with white guys, and it just didn't do it for me. I was like 'ohhh, this is slightly weird.'

That said, shes got one of the best asses ever. And never did it look better than in that scene.
Layla Jade and Jessie J taking on Lex in Lex the Impaler #1, was the one that really blew me away. Only saw clips of it, soon as i got broadband, first thing I did was download that bad boy.

That set the wheels in motion to me becoming an IR only kinda guy.
I was really more seaching porn in general and didnt care what kind it was....until I laid eyes on Monica Sweetheart. and the UYA 18 scene. Thats when my Majority Searches turned IR
That UYA18 scene with Monica is a classic. I had a friend who said he didn't like ir porn, but was a Monica fan. After I lent him that dvd, he wanted to borrow my whole interracial prn collection.

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