Romney-Ryan Vs. Obama-Biden
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Nate Silver's model now gives a 92% chance for BO. But please do vote .. do not be complacent. And ask your friends and co-workers to vote also.
I hope BO is declared winner when polls close tomorrow in CA,OR,WA,HI (8pm PST).
Speaking of secretaries of states. Looks like the Republicans are fixing to steal Ohio. The Secretary of State in Ohio just signed a contract a month before election day requesting uncertified software to load on the central tabulating machine, a move effecting 39 counties.
i hope everyone on here voted for obama im canadian so i cant but i will be watching. obama is going to win in a landslide
The Joint Chief Wrote:I'm going on record. I predict Barack Obama will be re-elected president by a comfortable margin regardless of Republican shenanigans to try and steal the election.

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Thank god, its over.

Virginia goes blue, as expected. Florida is sure to fall in line. That means Nate Silver won. A perfect 50 out of 50 states.

Obama either addresses the war on drugs his second term, or its betrayal.
Yes we did !!

4 more years !!
poohbear Wrote:I still maintain that this race won't even be close. Once Ohio falls to Obama, you'll see New Hampshire, Virginia, Iowa, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Nevada turn Blue. Florida, and North Carolina are close, but I feel Obama will win those, as well.

My prediction is Obama 347, Romney 191

The other outcome is Obama 303, Romney 235

My only miss was North Carolina, and that was close! Florida will be Obama. But overall, I predicted over 300 electoral votes for Obama.

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