Jada Stevens
New buttwoman. Nice to see a girl who did IR quickly step-up in her career.

[Image: 01.jpg]
[Image: Zeppelin-588x250.jpg]
Hell Yeah Jada deserves the title of Buttwoman. That ass is NICE!! Way nicer than that trick AT's! Way to go Jada! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
I'm a tit man but jada has the illest body in the IR game right now.
^She has nice tits also they arent big but they have a good shape
i love this chick. some girls have big booty but are fat, but she have a wicked booty and slim at the same time. what a perfect match
Young Herschel Wrote:Yeah, maybe she requested a new partner like Nat Turnher, that would be interesting. I have no interest in seeing Jada with LT or Lex.
well i guess u wont b watching it cuz she requested lex
Well deserved idd. Jada is definetly nice and no dodger history so she's got my support 4 sho!
kelly divine didn't last long hey?

as far as jada being buttwoman so what! what's the point of being excited about that when all of her scenes will be with white guys? if you guys want do drool over her token ir scene...
And the band played on.
I would like to know that also because i can't say that i've really cared about the Buttwoman series.

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