Jada Stevens
Yeah, it's like she won a award or something ?

Some are taking porn too seriously. LOL
What's wrong with announcing that a IR girl is getting the first starring feature of her career. Also, Jada didn't have her own thread, so I thought it was the opportune time to make one.
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100% agreed fats. Dudes on this board tend to undervalue the chicks that are BM/OF friendly. If Jada were a dodger (Alexis Texas) some guys would fall over themselves hoping she would work with brothers. Jada is one HOT ass chick; for the joy divisions of the world Jada is petite as a WOMAN should be not skinny or underdeveloped (looks like a 12yr old boy) like some teen types that some guys on this board lust after. Jada is pretty and has an absolutely fabulous body, not just ass and is a great performer. If I were back on a college campus I'd chase a chick that looked like that every day of the week.
It's an infatuation because she is a regular looking girl, plus, she grew up 5 minutes from me.
Good for her, look forward to seeing her in action. 8-)
Young Herschel Wrote:Church, church!!!

I have been down with Jada since she was a Southern bottle blonde on " I fucked my daughter's best friend". I've been a proud patron of Elegant Angel since Tiffany Mynx was nominated as the original Buttwoman in 1998.

actually the buttwoman series started years earlier and the single-named tianna was the original buttwoman.
And the band played on.
Jada stevens. Her ass just does something to me (inside my pants) and looking at her makes me want to stick my dick so far up her ass. watching her do IR ANAL is just so satifiying. I know a lot of the brethren on here don't like anal. But for me when you see those big white ass cheeks quaking you just need to see the black sword divide that perfect white booty meat.

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Damn Skippy ir-prince!!!
Just watched her scene with Lex and Jessie Rogers. He's a lucky man lol
I think she is a little overrated..
true her backside is bangin like few out there.......
but her face really is average, plain jane...and she really is kinda of a dead lay....
not really aggresive.......

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