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How could you NOT have known? How is that even possible? People shit on porn stars. It's been like that since I was little in the 70s. How the fuck could you not know people would shit on you for it? Hell, you could have watched Boogie Nights and seen that kid abuse Roller Girl and known EXACTLY how you'd get treated.
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^Either Jada is dumber than a bag of rocks or she's bullshitting.

I'm going to be nice and choose the latter.

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^^ I disagree. I think most girls, especially ones coming straight out of high school, don't watch porn, never-mind know the inner-workings of the porn industry. This was also before the social media explosion. Maybe more girls will know what they are getting into now. And not everyone has seen Boogie Nights. Also, as a kid growing up, you are bombarded with tons of info and wisdom that you won't realize until much later in life. Women not being able to be sluts may have been one of those things.

She also probably came from poverty and porn was her way out. It's easy for her to sit here now with $$$ in her pocket and look back at a younger, more impulsive less mature version of herself and critique a decision she made. It doesn't really change anything, though. Your mind is not the same at that age as it is later. It's similar to someone going to jail at a young age and remembering back on it wondering how they ever could of made the bad decisions they made to lead up to it.
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^ Yeah, people typically downplay the negatives at first because they can smell $, and they don't know ALL the ways it affects them. Plus they're still young. It's a shame to hear her say she regrets it THAT much though. To take it all back... All that booty and sucking... I guess I'm realizing how bad time machines could be now.
^ Good thing they are an impossibility. I'm sure most people would go back if they could and change quite a few things, so at least it's not isolated to just pornstars.
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