IR girls you liked who only did a few scenes then vanished
blackdragon6 Wrote:Sabara, a hot redbone did like 5 scenes then quit

Sabara has a hell of a lot of scenes out there

Taj Mendez
Raven Vixen
Cali Davenport
Abagelle Banks
Taylor Ray
[Image: 33988635178_c620a89afd_o.gif]
Missy Woods - normally not a fan of fake-titted starlets, but this blonde was nice. She did a handful of IR scenes but unfortunately didn't stay in the game long.
Young Herschel Wrote:
jay dee Wrote:Nena Linda only did about a dozen scenes with one ir. She had a great big ass and a really pretty face. She came back of a shoot recently that seemed to just be a hand job which was super wack.

Jessie Rogers and Nena Linda did a release last month with her new boobs but she is about as hard to book as Adrenalynn.

Thats what I was talking about. That scene was horrible and I can watch anything with her in it.
iramaj Wrote:
blackdragon6 Wrote:Sabara, a hot redbone did like 5 scenes then quit

Sabara has a hell of a lot of scenes out there
more than 5 sure ok. but definitely not enough for my personal taste. i would also add nautica binx, and pixie licks. the latter mostly did lesbian scenes, but they were REALLY good lesbian scenes. also Justice Jade a chocolate sista with a rock hard body.
Roxy Rebel. Never did an IR, but only did three scenes and one of them was for West Coast Productions, so it could have happened. also, monkeys could fly out of my butt but hey this is a whishful thinking thread, right?

[Image: a2316c209648893.jpg] Girl on the left.

[Image: Roxy_first_time_1.gif][Image: f11bb5209648929.jpg]
[Image: hiiuYur.png]
Aylar Lie

[Image: Aylar%20Dianati%20Lie%20073.jpg]

Tiffany Taylor

[Image: big1.jpg]
[Image: giphy.gif]
Ginger Bush...Depraved Fantasies 2..very very very cute. to cute for porn
angel marie
Oh how I miss her so. Sexy latina. According to IAFD, she appears in 14 titles. Is that too much?
A few years back a there was a celebrity in India who was mistaken for her and that caused a huge controversy.
[Image: 1-320x240.jpg]

Sadie Sable.
So promising. Her energy and personality really carried her scenes for me.
[Image: sample_1.jpg]

Kaycee Brooks.
Such a specific type of southern Cali kind of white girl. Didnt think she was down with the swirl. Thankfully, I was wrong.
[Image: 13.jpg]

I'm sure there's more, but these three came to mind.
I always felt that Tara Monroe only did a few scenes - only a few IR at least - she was hot as hell and fucked Sean Michaels in a few scenes and poof was gone. I still watch those old scenes.

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