IR girls you liked who only did a few scenes then vanished
Kid Jamaica did the lone IR scene with several beautiful Euros that disappeared.
The first 3 pics are Sera Passion, the second 3 are Mira Sunset, and all the rest are Bianca Golden. Though Mira Sunset might still be around.

[Image: 862590210032307.jpg] [Image: 4b61a3210032309.jpg] [Image: c4b3a0210032312.jpg] [Image: 5fb138210032321.jpg] [Image: 38a07a210032328.jpg] [Image: fa95a3210032334.jpg] [Image: 203f21210032341.jpg] [Image: 3a26e5210032345.jpg] [Image: cbe4f7210032352.jpg] [Image: 4f1d36210032359.jpg] [Image: acab04210032361.jpg] [Image: 6ba136210032369.jpg] [Image: 36d6c3210032372.jpg] [Image: 934324210032374.jpg] [Image: 1eca99210032377.jpg] [Image: 743030210032381.jpg] [Image: 06dfb5210032384.jpg] [Image: 0d0561210032386.jpg] [Image: 389c19210032388.jpg] [Image: cbe4f7210032389.jpg] [Image: 8a65ef210032391.jpg]
fletchlives Wrote:Roxy Rebel. Never did an IR, but only did three scenes and one of them was for West Coast Productions, so it could have happened. also, monkeys could fly out of my butt but hey this is a whishful thinking thread, right?

[Image: a2316c209648893.jpg] Girl on the left.

[Image: Roxy_first_time_1.gif][Image: f11bb5209648929.jpg]

Yes! Roxy came and went too fast. At least the two scenes I know of were good ones.

Mr Chocha Man Wrote:Lolly.
Oh how I miss her so. Sexy latina. According to IAFD, she appears in 14 titles. Is that too much?
A few years back a there was a celebrity in India who was mistaken for her and that caused a huge controversy.
[Image: 1-320x240.jpg]

Sadie Sable.
So promising. Her energy and personality really carried her scenes for me.
[Image: sample_1.jpg]

Kaycee Brooks.
Such a specific type of southern Cali kind of white girl. Didnt think she was down with the swirl. Thankfully, I was wrong.
[Image: 13.jpg]

I'm sure there's more, but these three came to mind.

LOLLY!! Amen!
Lizze Tucker

Vivian Jixxer/Ashley Raines

Kimmy Khan

[Image: 002.jpg]

To name a few.

Isabella Stone, really cute-faced, big butt Latina (more white than Latina really) who only did a few scenes (less than 10, maybe half were IR) then disappeared: ... deo198037/
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The caption under that video say "Shame she only did a couple vids." I couldn't agree more.
This Milf Ramona was a total obssesion of mine for a while. Unfortunately she only did two scenes (Blackbachelor, Bangbros). Georgeous face, amazing body and a great performer. ... tch_ramona
[Image: giphy.gif]
Cherry chase
mary jane (not the black one) but the hot as hell latina one
blackdragon6 Wrote:mary jane (not the black one) but the hot as hell latina one

Oh hell yea. That girl was so hot. Her scene with Mandingo is still one of my favorites.

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