black girl pornstar thread
The black guy looks like Darnell Black, who is a pro.
If it is him interesting. An Iafd search shows up only LegalPorno videos. So he seems Euro based. Interesting if he flew to Miami to shoot that scene. Previous post edited to be more neutral in the men's status.
(09-01-2018, 10:39 PM)NiceHot Wrote: The black guy looks like Darnell Black, who is a pro.

After looking at one LegalPorno video he was featured in. It doesn't seem to me they are the same guy besides my initial thought that Darnell Black is Euro based. He doesn't have earrings like the dude in the Bangbros video. I think my first thought of him being a new/non-pro guy was correct. 

Either way props to Bangbros they are keeping black on black alive. This is the first time a Black man was featured on their public bang site.
^Just to give an update on that. It turns out I was correct the guy was a staged amateur. He wasn't Darnell Black from LegalPorno. Bangbros gave him a model page.

Julie Kay says she sometimes misses her straight hair
Simone Richards for West Coast
[Image: DmwY0aRUUAAOI7L.jpg]

Demi Sutra - Zero Tolereance
[Image: Dmw7bStU4AALRuX.jpg]
Demi Sutra!
Lola Chanel - Bangbros
[Image: DnFLktRU4AAJcJj.jpg]
(09-12-2018, 01:54 AM)cumxplorer Wrote: Demi Sutra!

She really cleaned up. I remember her punk mohawk days as Ajaa and only recently realized that she had returned with a new name.

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