Brotha lovers
I'm on their mailing list and I got this email some days ago.....

Dear Members,
The "free area" of our website is undergoing maintenance. The "members area" is fully functional and accessible from our homepage by clicking on "Members". Regular site updates will start within the next week with some really hot new girls you will not want to miss. If you cannont access the members area would like to rejoin the site then please reply to this email and we will send you a link or contact
Thank you
Exclusively on

The lady who runs the site sucks. For example it would say that a scene is coming out March 3rd but then the scene does not come out until like March 20th.

Gotta love the ignore function!

Any members know if the members area is being updated again? Any noticeable improvements?
No dude. The member area has not updated for a while now. I wonder WTF is up because this is getting real old now. If nothing happens soon I'll cancel my membership.
That site is run very poorly.. No need to be a member of that site.
They just updated for the members, but yeah ....
Yeah, but I like low-production IR scenes. Too bad whoever runs it takes extra measures to take down ripped scenes.
The site is under construction in the visitor section, but still seems to be open to paying members only.
[Image: Zeppelin-588x250.jpg]
I wish they would hurry up and post the erin moore with johnnie love scene. Damn this more mature version of her is hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
I know that the Allison&DerekSkeeter pics haven been uploaded but nothing else apart from forthcoming dates or something else
IRBonanza Wrote:
Fido 14 Wrote:What happened to this site? It just redirects to dogfart's blacks on blondes.

Its possible that Dogfart's owner bought them off... :?

Don't think so. It looks like they're just having a bad time with host because there were problems a few months ago to enter the site, they didn't renew the license and maybe is related to that.

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