Emily Austin
Emily Austin And Nikki Hunter @ WatchingMyMomGoBlack.com

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She's a real cutie! I'm looking forward to seeing her in the regular rotation of BM/WF performers. Hope she becomes an Anikka type because I never tire of watching Anikka with brothas.
Liking her more and more!! Definitely not afraid of the Black dick!
looks like she did anal....
i watched that trailer and damn she's really afraid of nut....she better get over that fast cuz dont nobody want to c her flinch and run from the nut like that
She looks a lot less like Tori in these recent stills. But she's hot, no doubt.
I was at first skeptical that she would do ir, but she proved me wrong. She has a hot face and body, so i hope she continues doing what she's doing.
Incredible body on this broad, but cot damn if she don't have a fuckin drive in movie theater for a forehead. Fuckin hell!!

Now i aint sayin she got a big ass head but her head so big she gotta go outside to change her mind.

Forehead so big you could land a helicopter on that shit.

I bet when she in school she was always aHEAD of the class ghahahahaha

Alright im done, but seriously her forehead so big she could do an IR blowbang and let all 12 of them niggas nut on it and it still wouldn't cover that monster 5head ahadhadhahadhda im outttt
i say gahdamn

[Image: 292181t.gif]

I just went over to ADT where they actually appreciate IR babes...

I found this post:

...doesn't sound like a made-up porn name.Is she using her real last name? Rarely does that happen.
[mod edit: cropped post to remove partial real name, no slight on your part may I add.]

Edited by - Jonny Jay on 2/13/2013 7:43:50 AM

Apparently she stated out with her real last name then she changed her handle to Emily Austin.

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