Prime Female Talent Ignored By IR Directors
khloe kush, brooklyn chase ,rylie richman ,gia steel and sheena shaw
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Felicia Clover is the main girl that I'm watching now, but it looks like these IR producers just have this scrap mentality of getting leftovers from the vanilla boys. You are right IR Bonanza. It does seem like that they are just hiring a few of the same women over and over again.

Meanwhile girls like Felicia Clover and many others who are dying to shoot more IR scenes keep getting ignore and we get yet another scene from women had a lot of IR shoots. I have a feeling that if it wasn't for ironically Reality Kings and Naughty America, we might not be getting to Noelle Easton either.

The IR Genre these days lack the imagination, ingenuity and the drive that it did in the early to mid 2000's. IR producers have become lazy and instead of finding, creating and making the talent, they would rather sit on their asses and wait for the scraps to thrown out to them like some useless, hungry dogs.
Pressley Carter retired

btw, she said on twitter that she left because of a lack of work
IR performer Aria Austin quit this week and said the same thing
Yet they still didn't do their best to get some more scenes out of her before she left. That's the thing. Most of these women are gone within 2 years if not a lot sooner. When get IR from the start newbies, you shoot them here and now because they could be gone in the next breath.
i thought molly rae should have been shot for more ir scenes. the best moaner in the biz for me
Ryan a fatty DELUXE
The business model is changing so as you guys have stated WCP,JJV and others should look to do more newbies but on the same token these dumb assed whores and their agents better get on the BM/OF bandwagon before it leaves them wondering WTF happened to all of the work that dried up.
Yeah, Rylie Richman and Molly Rae not getting IR work are fucking tragedies. That said, Rylie hasn't been very active in porn recently, but these two girls had some great IR scenes. Rylie's one with Daddy Long Beach for MOC is a classic in my mind.
kyolh91 Wrote:Ryan a fatty DELUXE
She has been on twitter begging for IR work

no response of course from producers

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