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Baraka Wrote:
iramaj Wrote:Why does every thread turn into a Male pornstar love fest.

Between the IR debuts of Samantha Saint and Raina Belle. Samantha takes it by a landslide. I know the majority of you don't want to admit it but watch both of those scenes back to back and you can't honestly say that Raina Belle was better. Don't use the bullshit condom excuse because Wicked always uses them and it really has no bearing on the scene.
other than making any scene that uses them completely worthless

So I guess any time you've ever had sex with a condom on wasn't really sex
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The new Lex flick is 100% better than BO5 IMO. The cast has some fresh BM/OF talent (few BM/OF scenes) other than Julez and a crossover. Evil and Lex did this one right and I look forward to it.
Juelz needs to retire.
This is the first lex movie and not disapointed with and juelz needs to eat more. She was always thin but damn recently she has looked really unhealthy.
That Lex movie is gonna be on point. I never get tired of seeing Skin Diamond, great ass on her. My minor issues with it: that Mischa Brooks scene should preferably have been solo, also don't like seeing toys in scenes, but still a really solid cast
Mischa is divine. Skin doesn't crack. I fux with them.
I make it so the top notch chick never falls down the list. They go out #1. But they have to be there for an extended period of time. Jada Stevens topped the list for most of 2012. Riley led the pack for most of this year. She'll certainly get some nods in my year-end lists.
^Absolutely right Baraka! +100 dude! That's why the vast majority of porn is shot without them.
Personally, I'm looking forward to Black Owned 5. I could watch Lily Labeau getting fucked 24/7. Beautiful face, pale skin, natural little titties, tight little ass. And in thigh high boots! Wow!!! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

AJ Applegate and Abbey Brooks doing more IR can't be bad either. Phat ass and big tits, respectively. Can't go too wrong with that.

I'm not a big fan of Riley Reid and Giselle Leon though. Both a bit plain and ordinary for my tastes. But I'll still be able to enjoy them.

Compare that to the Lexecutioner and the only scene I'm really looking forward to in that is Valentina Nappi. Nasty, slutty, all natural. Should be a good scene.

I used to like Juelz before her surgeon and tattoist both went crazy on her. And I like Skin Diamond, but I'm after some good IR really.

So, Black Owned 5 definitely wins out for me.
Young Herschel Wrote:Love the prospects for WCP's Anal Size My Wife #5 but the exact cast escapes me

Veronica Aluv?
Abbey Brooks?
Katie Kox?
Jodi Taylor?

Those are my best guesses for that post production DVD due out this winter. The current IR anal releases is still being cast so its untitled as of yet - Laela Pryce, Alura Jensen, and Siri are cast so far I think with two slots remaining to be filled. AJ Applegate is a looking likely for one of the last two spots in my opinion.

They will not get my money as long as they are putting out DVD instead of Blu Ray. They are saving me money with their greed.

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