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^^Skin may have preferred white men in her personal life, but on camera you would have never known. She never treated white men better than brothers in a scene. She put on a stellar performance regardless of the male talent's race, and for that she will always be on my all time legends team.
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The (I'm Latina, but I don't really find black men appealing, my preference are White men, will only do black men cos I'm Colombian and don't have
the privilege like these White women to hold off IR till later so I'll do IR for money sake)

*** That isn't a quote from her, It's what I feel she's thinking though

She's based in Colombia, at least she's doing IR cos if she was US based we both know IR wouldn't be on her card, thank god for that cos she's stunting
yeah i didn't like how she was acting during the interview in the beginning when working with black dudes was mentioned. at the end of the scene, one of the guys seemed to kinda tease her about bringing in a black guy next and she made a weird face like "hell no". i almost deleted all her scenes from my collection after seeing that. i don't know what the fuck that was all about. maybe she was just trying to impress the white dudes around her. maybe it was apart of the script or maybe her attitude towards brothas has changed over time. i have no idea but just a few days ago, she posted a pic in her instagram story of her and jason luv, talking about "i'm wet". man, these girls are hella confusing. smh. but DAMN that girl has a PHAT ass!! i'm giving her the benefit of the doubt for now. 
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She posted this because he is popular n she think she can get on Blacked. Shes probably dry as a desert down there.

Man. She's wet for the green she can get.
She's just thinking about getting more money. I would prefer girls like Ella Hughes, who seem more naturally attracted to black men.
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^^^ Where did you get the info Ella Hughes was more naturally attracted to black men?
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^ I thought it was obvious from the word "seem" that his belief that Ms. Hughes is naturally attracted to brothas is pure speculation.
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