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Black Owned #5 is already taking some heat. Dudes are saying the cast is nothing special, but I'd say Lily LaBeau chopping off her hair is pretty notable. I used to just call her the prettiest girl in porn.

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Now I'm thinking Felicity.
To be fair, the topics are so closely related, they could be the same thread.
Great idea sc00by! I'm with you brotha about the BO5. Abbey is great and AJ is good but the others are BM/OF vets. He should make this title for crossovers (Abbey) or chicks that don't have alot of BM/OF scenes (AJ). I love Lily, Riley and Gissele but he could have used chicks he recently hired for vanilla titles like Valentina Nappi (few BM/WF scenes), Aleska Nicole (crossover), Ashley Fires (crossover) or even Lexi Belle (born again dodger). Dude makes this title once a year and it should be something all BM/OF fans look forward to not scenes with chicks that have numerous BM/OF scenes in their recent past. This is a very very poor effort on his part and a great dissapointment to most fans of BM/OF porn IMO.
those giselle, riley, abbey and lily scenes were already in the can for awhile (bak when it was announced in avn) and he just shot aj like a week or so ago...he would've had to scratched it completely to do the things yall wanted....its his own fault tho, shoulda been released the shit
Young Herschel Wrote:"How to train a Delinquent Teen #3" was the most inspired cast and surprisingly well-executed movie of 2013. In my view Riley Reid & Nat Turnher should sweep every award show for best IR scene: XBIZ, XRCO, and AVN
Her second scene with Fred is probably my favorite. She's easily performer of the year.
I think jules was gonna make it a special release by getting abby brookes then he figure when he couldn't get anyone else he really wanted to make it kind of a throw away flick. Not that it is but all the scenes are like leftovers from other series. Also he probably figured out pretty quickly abby brookes is hardly someone that we would fawn over.
This thread was a great Idea!
guess whos back
really doe Wrote:To be fair, the topics are so closely related, they could be the same thread.
They are but some are not and turn into arguements.. besides.. we want to see releases info that holds more weight than discussion.
guess whos back
Like some other people on the forum, I'm definitely underwhelmed by the cast of BO5. But that fact alone doesn't tell the whole story. I think that if it was any other release there would be substantially less gripes. However, this title has had so much hype and anticipation that the expectations were huge. That called for something special. I feel like Jules should have knocked this out of the park but instead it's more like a ground rule double.
re BO5 - Lily doesn't appeal to me at all with the short hair. Will definitely watch all the other scenes though. Abbey looks good in the pics on the JJV site and I thought her WCP scene was decent considering it's WCP, Prince fucked her well even if she was overacting. Frustrating that her tits are not what they were a few years ago. Still I hope she goes on to get nailed by Dingo and Jon Jon.
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