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^ I never said they do. Although you may be overestimating how many scenes there has to be for someone to dish out a mere $20 if you think it needs to be "10-20." Dudes will definitely spend $20 on 1-2 scenes. Shit, a lot still purchase DVD's, which is 4 scenes. Last I checked, that's way less than 10-20. Dogfart even opened a clip site where you can buy individual scenes. Why would they do that unless some like that model and want to purchase just the scenes they want individually? Not everyone purchases porn based on quantity of scenes you will gain access to.
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That Gianna Dior release was boring. Sofie Reyez scene was good.
Giana Dior scene was dope. Her first Ir shot by jules with Dredd...that shits blowing up on social media. And big up to her for pushing it on all her platforms. Dredd was solid and she took the d....
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