Where are they now?
Angel Long was hot and had great legs.

Last I heard she is a personal trainer.

I would hire her!!!

Anyone know anything more?
I guess Adidas took action on this thread? :lol: I was gonna suggest locking this thread down and making a decision on ever discussing porn chicks real names between the mods.

For the record I was never a fan of this thread but as long as it was idle speculation and not concrete proof about where girls in the business were, I was willing to let it exist. However when i saw the post earlier about Veronica Jett that went so far as to name her and where she worked (assuming it was actually her) I felt like that was a bridge too far.

So as long as the milk's already been spilt, let's come to a consensus on the board about not revealing porn stars real names and where they work and that kind of shit? It's too stalker-ish for my comfort zone and also way too much like those freaks at porn wikileaks who seem to delight in trying to tear down porn stars in their private lives.
It should be enough for us, that many of these women did what they did in front of a camera, and we got to enjoy it.

But others do these mental gymnastics in order to explain away doing things like "exposing" these women, well after they are done with XXX and are in the private sector.

In my opinion, its just a lack of respect for one another, and for many, a hatred of women, that makes them make dumb ass threads like this.
Never was a fan of the thread either. Personally, I don't need to know everything about a girl I jerk to and am not obsessed with any of them to the point that I would wanna know or track down their personal info like that, so it was always odd to me that some went that deep.

As far as actual government names/where they work/etc being posted, I'm with you guys on that. Let them be, IMO. If they are trying to remain anonymous after they quit, no point in raining on their parade. It's one thing if they're overt and open with their porn past, but if they have clearly moved on from it and want it to be forgotten, I see no reason not to respect their wishes.

To me, it's basic human decency, but I suppose not everyone is familiar with that concept...
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