IR Makeovers - Most Radical!
Many porn stars go through changes in their appearance over the course of their career in porn. For some of them those changes are pretty major. Here are some samples of models who have gone from good to bad and bad to good.

The Good

Alisha Adams

[Image: th_209449596__x_Alisha_yy_Adams_xx_24_20...23_1lo.jpg] [Image: th_094494686__x_Alisha_yy_Adams_xx_24_20..._505lo.JPG]
Definitely one of the best makeovers I have seen in a while.

Alex Chance

[Image: th_095568861__x_Alex_yy_Chance_xx_195_20..._374lo.jpg][Image: th_095568223__x_Alex_yy_Chance_xx_41_201...3_73lo.jpg]

Alex was a little sloppy when she first started out, but as she has been working out and dieting. She will never be gorgeous, but she puts decent effort into her scenes and it is nice to see a model getting in shape as opposed to getting out of shape.

Athena Pleasures
[Image: th_094496393__x_Athena_yy_Pleasures_xx_2..._821lo.jpg][Image: th_094496247__x_Athena_yy_Pleasures_xx_3..._380lo.jpg]

I'm not normally a fan of fake boobs, but when Nika decided to re-image herself as Athena Pleasures I had to stand up and take notice, fake boobs and all.

Avy Scott
[Image: th_094498214__x_Avy_yy_Scott_xx_avril414_123_23lo.jpg][Image: th_094497636__x_Avy_yy_Scott_xx_29_2013_..._445lo.jpg]

One of my all time favorite makeovers.

Devon Lee

[Image: th_094500498__x_Devon_yy_Lee_xx_KL9W3703_123_176lo.jpg][Image: th_209449930__x_Devon_yy_Lee_xx_280_2013..._179lo.jpg]

Never been a huge fan of Devon mainly because of how she looked and performed when she first came out. That eyes wide open makeup look was just creepy. But she has aged incredibly well and these days does a much better job with her makeup.

Jane Darling
[Image: th_094501739__x_Jane_yy_Darling_xx_23_20...3_35lo.jpg][Image: th_094501298__x_Jane_yy_Darling_xx_8_201...3_55lo.jpg]

When I discovered this earlier set of Jane it took me a minute to associate her with the Jane I was familiar with. Amazing what a tan, decent hairstyling and not doing her makeup in a pain by numbers fashion will do.

Terry Nova

[Image: th_094509528__x_Terry_yy_Nova_xx_Te_001_..._441lo.jpg][Image: th_094508563__x_Terry_yy_Nova_xx_152_201...3_28lo.jpg]

This woman was straight off the boat when she first started modeling. And while like Alex she will never be gorgeous she does posses a certain Amazon like sex appeal now that she knows how to do her makeup and has firmed up a bit.

The Bad

Laya Leighton
[Image: th_094502445__x_Laya_yy_Leighton_xx_Laya..._513lo.jpg][Image: th_094502950__x_Laya_yy_Leighton_xx_200_..._407lo.jpg]

Laya got pregnant during her porn run and she went from being a decent weight with nice full breast to being quasi anorexic

Lexxxi Lockhart

[Image: th_094503732__x_Lexxxi_yy_Lockhart_xx_21...3_39lo.jpg][Image: th_094504165__x_Lexxxi_yy_Lockhart_xx_23..._161lo.jpg]

Even while she was gaining weight she still looked great, but she eventually reached a point of where she lost that voluptuous figure and just became round.

Lisa Sparxxx
[Image: th_094506987__x_Lisa_yy_Sparxxx_xx_spark...1106lo.jpg][Image: th_209450547__x_Lisa_yy_Sparxxx_xx_41_20..._236lo.jpg]

Early in her career when properly made up Lisa was actually pretty easy on the eyes. She put on weight fairly early in her career, but kept it to a point of where she was still fun to watch in a scene. She started to lose it a bit before her hiatus. Sadly when she started filming again she was just round and is getting bigger with each scene.

Mia Knight
[Image: th_094508828__x_Mia_yy_Knight_xx_phpgUSB...1200lo.jpg][Image: th_094507928__x_Mia_yy_Knight_xx_320_201..._362lo.jpg]

Love dark haired women like this. Was shocked to see how far she had slipped in just a couple of years.

Felicia Clover

[Image: th_095879602__x_Felicia_yy_Clover_xx_338..._742lo.jpg][Image: th_095878215__x_Felicia_yy_Clover_xx_270..._596lo.jpg]

When she is not having sex she must be eating all the time because she went from having a dynamite body to almost round in a very short period of time. By time she started doing hardcore she was too far gone.

Daphne Rosen

[Image: th_095570309__x_Daphne_yy_Rosen_xx_Daphn..._414lo.jpg][Image: th_095570765__x_Daphne_yy_Rosen_xx_daphn...1098lo.jpg][Image: th_095569568__x_Daphne_yy_Rosen_xx_250_2..._660lo.jpg]

I posted three pictures of Daphne because in her career she has been all over the place with her looks. She started out round, between plastic surgery and god knows what else got extremely skinny and then went back to large and had more plastic surgery to assist where nature was already taking her. The super skinny photo is not a modified picture, I have a couple of her where she is like that. She did not stay that way very long.
Def agree on Alisha Adams. She looked a bit rough in the face in her scene with Rico. Her later pics were better.
Alisha Adams is an interesting case and I was going to make a thread on her eventually but think she is a better Mary Anne than a Ginger. Her look in that scene with Wes Pipes in that mother daughter flick was perfect.
avy and devon always been bad in my eyes...think i liked avy just a lil better earlier in her career when she was thicker cuz her tits were bigger...she's at the perfect weight nowadays tho
Can we add Jada Stevens to this?

Skinny, pale and blond cutie

To an even cuter curvier, tanned brunette
[Image: DGaaBwz.gif]
+1 for Jada Stevens. No way when she started would I have imagined her to reach the heights she has. She was just another skinny bottle-blonde that I figured would just fade away.
Some additional models.

Alicia Alighatti

[Image: th_177518738__x_Alicia_yy_Alighatti_xx_7..._168lo.jpg][Image: th_177519855__x_Alicia_yy_Alighatti_xx_3...1039lo.jpg]

Geek girl gone cute

Brooke Banner
[Image: th_177520136__x_Brooke_yy_Banner_xx_Broo..._504lo.jpg][Image: th_177520522__x_Brooke_yy_Banner_xx_17_2...3_99lo.jpg]

There is a big market for her current look, but her original look was so much better.

Chessie Moore
[Image: th_177521645__x_Chessie_yy_Moore_xx_90g0..._113lo.jpg][Image: th_177521157__x_Chessie_yy_Moore_xx_gree..._230lo.jpg]

Chessie did some crazy things in the porn industry so maybe she just tried to self medicate with food.

Dani Lane

[Image: th_177522731__x_Dani_yy_Lane_xx_13_2013_...1126lo.jpg][Image: th_177523260__x_Dani_yy_Lane_xx_24_2014_..._433lo.JPG]

There is just no skipping the value of a great tan.

[Image: th_177525825__x_Fawna_xx_super_girl_103_123_191lo.jpg][Image: th_177524422__x_Fawna_xx_10_2014_3_24_11..._112lo.jpg]

Francesca Sins
[Image: th_177527838__x_Francesca_yy_Sins_xx_620..._159lo.jpg][Image: th_177526612__x_Francesca_yy_Sins_xx_167..._104lo.jpg]
Sadly some of my favorite pictures of her are from a scene she did with Mr. yappity Yap Wesly Pipes. :-( On the plus side she did a great scene in White Wife Black Cock 3 with some unknown woman who also had a great ass.

Jada Stevens

[Image: th_177528549__x_Jada_yy_Stevens_xx_205_2..._181lo.jpg][Image: th_177529296__x_Jada_yy_Stevens_xx_324_2..._578lo.jpg]

She is the perfect example of why that teen nonsense is just wrong. She looks so much better now.

Jordan Styles
[Image: th_177530308__x_Jordan_yy_Styles_xx_360_..._476lo.jpg][Image: th_177530483__x_Jordan_yy_Styles_xx_157_..._468lo.jpg]

Lots of different looks over her career, this is not the best picture of her as a redhead, but there are some out there of her with a makeover as a redhead where she looks pretty good.

Josephine James
[Image: th_177533800__x_Josephine_yy_James_xx_JO...3_86lo.jpg][Image: th_177532568__x_Josephine_yy_James_xx_14..._569lo.jpg]

Still is not all that great looking, but the makeover was a definite improvement.


[Image: th_177534395__x_Kejsi_xx_janathapeachdre..._468lo.jpg][Image: th_177534206__x_Kejsi_xx_130_2012_4_56_3..._409lo.jpg]

Pasty to tan and a better hairdo works wonders. Still not gorgeous, but at least now one can look past her tits to her face.

Kelly Staxxx
[Image: th_177537137__x_Kelly_yy_Staxxx_xx_307_2..._389lo.jpg][Image: th_177536740__x_Kelly_yy_Staxxx_xx_115_2..._862lo.jpg]

Personally I preferred her without the big fake tits and bleach blonde hair, but she has enough volume to her to pull off the boob job.

Kirra Lynne
[Image: th_177537777__x_Kirra_yy_Lynne_xx_115_20..._195lo.jpg][Image: th_177538225__x_Kirra_yy_Lynne_xx_157_20..._524lo.jpg]

I think she tried to hard to get skinny, she is better looking with a little meat on her.

Melissa Lauren

[Image: th_177540853__x_Melissa_yy_Lauren_xx_mel..._425lo.jpg][Image: th_178302673__x_Melissa_yy_Lauren_xx_mel..._151lo.jpg] [Image: th_217753966__x_Melissa_yy_Lauren_xx_110..._571lo.jpg]

I had to add three pictures of Melissa because in my opinion her golden age was after her first makeover. With the second one she just went to far with the plastic surgery.

[Image: th_177541332__x_Starr_xx_nicola1045_123_1010lo.jpg][Image: th_177541216__x_Starr_xx_m_858_5879_123_778lo.jpg]

Starr is probably about the best example out there where plastic surgery actually made a dramatic improvement to her face and body.
Shotgun Styles Wrote:You should do Angelina Valentine. She looks like a different person than when she first started.

Don't get me wrong, I'm on record as saying I like siliconed Barbies. But, damn. She looks like a cartoon version of her rookie self.

Also, along those lines, I always wondered what Danielle Derek looked like before she went under the knife. She's not IR, I know, but still curious...

[Image: th_179585416_angelinavalentine_01_07_123_27lo.jpg] [Image: th_179585286_angelinavalentine_02_07_123_116lo.jpg]

I did not have any pictures of her in my collection and with good reason, where Starr is a poster child for why plastic surgery works, Angelina is the poster child on why people need to stay away from the knife.
Agree for Jane Darling : What a change ! Confusedhock:

Jada Steven : I use to have a little preference for blond but admit she look much better now.

Disagree for : Felicia Clover and Daphne Rosen, I still love Lisa Sparxxx even she's bigger.
is the first Jane Darling photo real?


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