IR Makeovers - Most Radical!
Agree for Jane Darling : What a change ! Confusedhock:

Jada Steven : I use to have a little preference for blond but admit she look much better now.

Disagree for : Felicia Clover and Daphne Rosen, I still love Lisa Sparxxx even she's bigger.
is the first Jane Darling photo real?

Im shocked no one mentioned Sophie Dee. Her makeover in late 2009 is the best makeover in porn history in my book.
I didnt pay attention to Sophie dee before but that makeove put her in my top 4
guess whos back
True, from meeh, to one of my favorites
[Image: porn_stars_before_and_after_their_makeup...640_34.jpg]
Penny Pax.

A strange example.

Her face now looks like a face of a prett girl, and with blonde/brunnet she looked like a cute nerd girl.


Her boobs looked way more in place, on a nerd girl
Amber Sativa
Came across a picture of Amber who also goes by Skylar and she has come a long way in the looks department since her early shoots.
[Image: th_799306121_IDSTART100001169IDEND_10920..._794lo.jpg][Image: th_799307360_IDSTART100001169IDEND_30320..._259lo.jpg]

Addie Juniper
[Image: th_779930486_IDSTART1781IDEND_2412009232...1043lo.jpg][Image: th_799305236_IDSTART1781IDEND_3032016224..._491lo.jpg]

Brooklyn Chase
Brooklyn needs to lay off the plastic surgery and stay with dark hair.
[Image: th_799307168_IDSTART105000295IDEND_51201..._255lo.jpg][Image: th_799308849_IDSTART105000295IDEND_28320..._576lo.jpg]

Tricia Oaks
Always hated that tattoo in the middle of her chest, but recently came across some scenes with her with natural boobs and she looks great. Was kind of surprised at how ghetto she sounded as I had never really heard her speak much beyond moaning and groaning.
[Image: th_799304284_IDSTART614IDEND_28620162321..._165lo.jpg][Image: th_799304936_IDSTART614IDEND_11020122193..._183lo.jpg]

Sophie Dee
The many looks of Sophie Dee.
[Image: th_799799204_IDSTART136IDEND_35820152058...3_17lo.jpg][Image: th_779979812_IDSTART136IDEND_97201518184...3_27lo.jpg]
[Image: th_779979944_IDSTART136IDEND_45201623215..._336lo.jpg][Image: th_799793128_IDSTART136IDEND_34520121393..._448lo.jpg]
[Image: th_799800782_IDSTART136IDEND_15620162319..._150lo.jpg][Image: th_799792674_IDSTART136IDEND_11920122154..._492lo.jpg]
[Image: th_799794869_IDSTART136IDEND_86201519175...3_82lo.jpg][Image: th_799798735_IDSTART136IDEND_24620152314...3_36lo.jpg]
[Image: th_799792901_IDSTART136IDEND_87201222403..._508lo.jpg][Image: th_799793685_IDSTART136IDEND_44201221132..._425lo.jpg]
[Image: th_799791781_IDSTART136IDEND_14320124178...3_57lo.jpg][Image: th_799800930_IDSTART136IDEND_15620162385..._179lo.jpg]

Nikki Grind
Not a big fan of fake tits, but Nikki is a case where they improved her whole appearance.
[Image: th_800087488_IDSTART453IDEND_15220162344..._818lo.jpg][Image: th_800086724_IDSTART453IDEND_12620152147..._188lo.jpg]
[Image: th_800085142_IDSTART453IDEND_12620152146..._218lo.jpg][Image: th_800085383_IDSTART453IDEND_16420123254..._549lo.jpg]
[Image: th_800084934_IDSTART453IDEND_24420133406..._543lo.jpg]

Stacy Thorn
Case study of why it pays to spend the extra cash on a quality boob job.
[Image: th_780008363_IDSTART420IDEND_17120121324..._182lo.jpg][Image: th_780008471_IDSTART420IDEND_22820135263..._376lo.jpg]
fucking looooooved nikki of the GOAT dick riders and actually got a good boobjob too. Was weird finding out she had like 3 mixed kids but it made sense cuz she could handle any dick out there
Really? I mean, Nikki Grind even had "I'm white but my kids aren't" haircut. Google the meme to see what I mean lol. I was a fan of her.

Brianna Love is my favorite change for the better
Julia Bond and Velicity Von were the top change for the worst.
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^i wasnt surprised she had mixed kids i was surprised she had 3

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