IR Makeovers - Most Radical!
IRBonanza Wrote:
crocious Wrote:Some additional models.

Brooke Banner
[Image: th_177520136__x_Brooke_yy_Banner_xx_Broo..._504lo.jpg][Image: th_177520522__x_Brooke_yy_Banner_xx_17_2...3_99lo.jpg]

There is a big market for her current look, but her original look was so much better.

Looks like she had her implants removed and calls herself Brooke Brand now according to her profile on 101 Modeling. Or are those her pre-boob job pics?.. :? ... pe=profile

The first pic is pre boob job, you can tell by the lack of tattoos.
elblazer Wrote:
Quote:Oh no! when did Inari do that to herself. She turned into a great milf and then disappeared. Does anyone know whether this was just a phase or does she look like this now?

um, Inari was buffed up her entire 'milf' return, from about 2010 to 2013

Maybe it is just that she is flexiing and the lighting but i don't remember her like this

[Image: 9xwzq_inari_2_thumb.jpg]
I remember her like this [Image: julesjordan_com-28.jpg], gym honed but not muscular and unfeminine
^She looked like your second photo her last time in porn. The muscular one was probably taken while she was competing in a fitness competition. I know a few women who compete in them and they tend to look very fit most of the time like the second pic until competition and cut even more weight which tends to be a lot of water weight and the end up looking like the first one.
IRBonanza Wrote:
crocious Wrote:The first pic is pre boob job, you can tell by the lack of tattoos.
I was referring to her pics on 101Modeling page. She has tatts but her boobs look shrunk. Did she have her silicones removed or did she get bigger ones after that?.. :?

She had the super big ones removed. Judging by the scars she has now it looks like she had a lift done and might have had some smaller ones put in to provide some fullness.

Her current look could potentially have been achieved without augmentation if the surgeon had enough of her real boobs left to work with as she is now back to her original size only without the sag that she had prior to her original boob job. I have not seen her in anything yet to see how they look when they move or when she lays back flat.
Michel is one of those models where well done fake boobs were actually an improvement. It is kind of amazing that much of an increase did not wind up in looking they were just slapped on. It also helped that she put on a little weight and learned how to style her hair with a little coloring.

Now if she would ditch the overgrown bush.

She has done 3 IR scenes that I know of, sadly one of them was with Mike Chapman and was a cuckold scene.

Mischel Lee
[Image: th_839180424_IDSTART105000753IDEND_161_2...3_26lo.jpg][Image: th_839181100_IDSTART105000753IDEND_161_2..._136lo.jpg]
[Image: th_839178893_IDSTART105000753IDEND_60_20...3_59lo.jpg][Image: th_839180671_IDSTART105000753IDEND_60_20..._744lo.jpg]
No question fake is better than real in her case.
White Girl Connoisseur

Not going to lie, her original tits were pretty unaesthetic. I think boobjobs are improving, though. I've seen some chicks with A's get them recently and was surprised at how real they looked. Maybe it's just a vast difference in the skill of the surgeon/the procedure, though (direct fat injections/under the muscle/incision under the arm/etc?)
[Image: 7p10mnlqnzhmwpza.gif]
In regards to Brianna Beach I thought she looked better with the fake boobs and with a little age. Her Jet Fuel scene with Sean Michaels is one of my all time faves because of how sexy she looks in that one.
Sofia Nix
Sadly not a lot of IR work from her and I don't think she has any IR work without a condom. A real shame shat she did to her tits and face.

[Image: th_283729850_IDSTART105000624IDEND_335_2..._179lo.jpg][Image: th_283733548_IDSTART105000624IDEND_335_2..._547lo.jpg]

[Image: th_283724962_IDSTART105000624IDEND_286_2...3_71lo.jpg][Image: th_283724510_IDSTART105000624IDEND_286_2..._522lo.jpg]

August Ames
While August was never facially gorgeous she was at least attractive. Now the plastic surgery just highlights the worst elements of her face instead of enhancing them.
[Image: th_286338324_IDSTART105000616IDEND_15_20..._211lo.jpg][Image: th_286340166_IDSTART105000616IDEND_353_2...3_56lo.jpg]

[Image: th_286339702_IDSTART105000616IDEND_349_2..._209lo.jpg][Image: th_286339300_IDSTART105000616IDEND_349_2..._595lo.jpg]

Kimberly Kendall
[Image: th_728694034_IDSTART113000917IDEND_126_2..._144lo.jpg][Image: th_286940365_IDSTART113000917IDEND_126_2..._101lo.jpg]

[Image: th_286941599_IDSTART113000917IDEND_126_2..._914lo.jpg][Image: th_286941496_IDSTART113000917IDEND_126_2..._106lo.jpg]

Randi Wright
[Image: th_287183493_IDSTART114000064IDEND_157_2...23_8lo.jpg][Image: th_287185544_IDSTART114000064IDEND_157_2..._123lo.jpg]

[Image: th_287185480_IDSTART114000064IDEND_348_2..._257lo.jpg][Image: th_287185726_IDSTART114000064IDEND_348_2..._353lo.jpg]

Subil Arch
This woman is only 28 years old, but she looks like she is in her late 30's/early 40's after her surgeries.

[Image: th_287769105_IDSTART113001015IDEND_163_2..._376lo.jpg][Image: th_287768281_IDSTART113001015IDEND_163_2..._585lo.jpg]

[Image: th_287769600_IDSTART113001015IDEND_163_2...3_51lo.jpg][Image: th_287769155_IDSTART113001015IDEND_163_2..._497lo.jpg]
Respectfully disagree with the notion that August Ames was never gorgeous. In my opinion she was one of the most beautiful girls in the game. And the fact that it's so unnecessary is what makes her "transformation" so sad.

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