IR Makeovers - Most Radical!
Sunny Chase
[Image: th_477609969_IDSTART113001948IDEND_286_2..._492lo.jpg][Image: th_477610683_IDSTART113001948IDEND_286_2..._600lo.jpg][Image: th_947761165_IDSTART113001948IDEND_286_2..._167lo.jpg][Image: th_477610414_IDSTART113001948IDEND_286_2..._106lo.jpg][Image: th_477610691_IDSTART113001948IDEND_286_2..._475lo.jpg]
[Image: th_477609917_IDSTART113001948IDEND_286_2..._104lo.jpg][Image: th_477609495_IDSTART113001948IDEND_286_2..._196lo.jpg][Image: th_477609923_IDSTART113001948IDEND_286_2...3_51lo.jpg]
The first time I saw Jemstone back in 2009 she looked like this:
[Image: th_004698260_IDSTART657IDEND_jemstone_11..._229lo.jpg]

The rest of the time she looked like this so while I collected her IR work I was never curious enough about her to dig further.

[Image: th_004699662_IDSTART657IDEND_JemstoneB47_123_250lo.jpg][Image: th_004698458_IDSTART657IDEND_209_2012_2_..._521lo.jpg][Image: th_004697582_IDSTART657IDEND_1_2011_16_5..._446lo.jpg]

It turns out that she has movies out there where she looks like this:
[Image: th_004698105_IDSTART657IDEND_292_2018_22..._506lo.jpg]

And here is what she looked like at the start of her career in 2006:

  [Image: th_005203424_gem1_123_77lo.jpg] [Image: th_005203899_gem2_123_393lo.jpg] [Image: th_005204415_gem3_123_143lo.jpg]
[Image: th_005204703_gem4_123_465lo.jpg]
She is only 31, but was still in her lower 20's when she added all that mass.

This is why I never married, you just never know how they are going to turn out regardless of how thin they are when you first connect.

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