Keisha Grey
(10-25-2018, 07:08 AM)iramaj Wrote:
(10-25-2018, 07:00 AM)jb0978 Wrote: This thread  exists to pass word on any shoots starring Keisha, news, share photos, etc. Current status is that she's in Florida because of legal troubles and her presence in social media is sparse at best. We all hope to see her again soon.

There is already a thread for Keisha Grey and you've already posted in it. No need to make another one.
It was an error on my part.
Kesiha posted on ADT the other day from the sound of things her life headed down the right path and she has been sober for the last 13 months and happy.  She is in school and from the looks of things probably will be following that path for the foreseeable future so we might have seen the last of her ever.

[Image: Capture0661.jpg]
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Sad that it looks like her porn career is over she was a fantastic whore but good to hear that she's doing well at life I guess.
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