Keisha Grey
And the "IR Scoop" battle is on! :lol: 8-) :lol:
White Girl Connoisseur

I see nothing in her, she could dodge her whole career for all I care.
KG is smoking hot, even with the gap in her teeth. Banging body and loves to fuck. Look forward to the IR scene.
raven4222 Wrote:It looks like a TLHC scene...

Teens Love Huge Cocks. It's a Reality Kings site that occasionally uses black male talent.
Young Herschel Wrote:LMAO White Knights on ADT are already crying that Keisha has decided to do rookie IR and how much money she should have made by waiting for years instead: ... ha-grey/17

Haven't you made that same argument on here any number of times??
^lol yea he has
Now it's deleted from her twitter, why do you think? Here's proof it was there: ... ly/2633751

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lol@this bullshit again. same bullshit different chick.

Cant believe this thread is even in this forum, chick supposedly claims she did ir on twitter, then deletes it. the fuck does this broad have to do with IR porn again?

Never even heard of this chick, but after reading this thread i see a lot of dudes slobbin like shes already some IR queen. Yet all i've seen is that she fucks every white dude thrown at her in porn but refuses to work with any of her black coworkers. Oh but supposedly she has some super top secret ir scene she might have supposedly shot somewhen that is being held in the vault with jimmy hoffa's body and the ark of the covenant.

LMAO its really that fuckin retarded that some of these whores treat working with black male talent like it's earth shattering news. And there "IR DEBUT" is supposed to be gradually built up to and then capitalized on only after shes fucked a mountain of white dick every which-a-way and now omg theyre actually gonna fuck a negro, how wild and crazy right?

Seriously fuck this broad and fuck everybody that continually supports this type of racist bullshit treating the black talent like 2nd class citizens who have to be treated different and handled super carefully. She wants to be like Sasha Grey but Sasha never made a big deal about fucking a black dude she just fucked black dudes. Right from jump street. No super covert operation or fanfare to debut her working with one of her black coworkers she just didn't discriminate in her job and is now the most famous porn star in the world probably.

Im done.
i say gahdamn

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