New Whooty Candice Dare
Nevermind, got it.
ir-prince Wrote:
kingdarius Wrote:^phat enough for me
[Image: tumblr_nn44tzE8fM1txwtk5o1_500.gif]

*In my Crocodile Dundee voice*

That's not a phat ass

THIS is a PHAT ass.

Valintina Nappi
[Image: 18822559825_573fb02dbb_o.gif]
since neither one is flat i'll just say valentina has a phatter ass....she's bigger overall tho too
Ebony and Ivory.  Her ass was made for anal.

[Image: DlLXiHTVsAAG81f?format=jpg]
[Image: Qa6cdQ9c_t.jpg][
She is what you call slim thick! Shame she does a lot of anal scenes though.

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