Super site!!!!!! Already the best IR site there is, destroying Dogfart and their lame male performers. Solo + group/gangbang scenes with hot YOUNG new girls especially beautiful blonde girls like Scarlet Red is what the IR market needed.

So super idea and super executed. Since IR scenes are among the most viewed/bought among black and white viewers this will be a BIG hit.

Now if could also add some hot creampie scenes with these hot girls (I think Scarlet Red does creampies, at least with white guys) then is going to be destroyed too (creampies are their speciality) since their camera/editing stuff stinks.

Add some anal too and you got a MEGA site.

Support this site please and subscribe!!!
Katerina Kay too?? Yup I'm sold. First round KO
[Image: 33988635178_c620a89afd_o.gif]
This is just the site I have been waiting for, tope notch girls, excellent camera work, lighting, and best of all no racial overtone in the scenes. I am definitely a proud member and hope that all IR fans join the rest of us.

Will say that when I saw some of the girls they got I was surprised. Had a hunch that Katerina Kay would do IR someday, but Lacey Johnson, Skylar Green, and Emily Kae totally out of left field at least for me and did not expect those girls at all.
@Coffin - check DM, sent you a reply
Contrast is Everything
warikahill Wrote:do they take paypal because i only have a business visa card and i really cant use it for a site like this.

paypal does not deal with porn sites. go to your local walmart/target/CVS/walgreens and use cash to purchase a prepaid credit card and use that card to sign up.
@blkknight1 - thanks for the comments, glad to have you on board!
Contrast is Everything
@All - This is a super-simple solution for those experiencing issues with Downloads from the Members Area...

Instead of doing a Right-Click - Save Target As...

Simply left click the link and the download should automatically begin.

Send a DM if you're still having problems!
Contrast is Everything
Can't resist to give just one more time congratulations to They did exactly what was needed to have the best IR site without all the racism, junk, bad lighting and shitty makeup Dogfart does. Although one thing is great about them, they do these background interviews with the girls about doing IR (some already do in their private lives). This can be great for too, but keep it serious please (no fake interviews).

I hope this will be a site for the new generation girls who already are interested in IR to make their debut. Just watch all those Twitter accounts of girls with tags like e.g. #TeamBlackBoys , #Snowbunny etc. and you can get a lot of new talent.

Finally, my suggestion for some new hot blondes are Summer Carter (a super beautiful blonde who is doing IR), Lauren Claire (blonde newbie), Samantha Rone ( another newbie), Taylor Whyte (another newbie) and veterans Avril Hall (equally beautiful blonde who wants to do IR) and Jenna Ivory (IR-queen). See for more info the topics on this site.
This is what I'm talking about this site is pure FIRE!! I called in work today fucking with this site I couldn't leave my computer. This is what true IR fans been waiting on quality IR content none of that bullshit Dogfart does. As a black male I'm personally disgusted of how we are portrayed on Dogfart's site and I hope yall bankrupt them.

I would like to suggest Dani Daniels it might be a long shot but she always said she was open to IR for the right company. I see where she follows yall on Twitter so you never know.
Finally a site with IR that isn't all fat girls, as if every black man only wants to fuck fat white women. Get black angelika

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