Official Blacked.Com request thread
(05-21-2019, 04:06 PM)Shotgun Styles Wrote:
(05-21-2019, 12:02 PM)blackalpha Wrote: [Image: what_a_sad_world_we_live_in_angel_wickys...362778.jpg]

Ex Playboy Playmate Angel Wicky

I don't like her face, but the titties tho. 

She's got some IR under her belt already, doesn't she?

she's a big'un now

A brand spanking new girl signed with Hussie.  Think blacked should definitely make a play.

Brazilian hottie Alina Belle just shot her first scene yesterday. Just joined twitter as well

[Image: D8UQHQXU0AAL56_.jpg]

Another new girl (cam girl turned performer)Riley Shea Roya already expressed wanting to shoot for Blacked
[Image: D8KuSAkXYAoMtOs.jpg]
I'd love to see new girl Honey Blossom.
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Get these twins on Blacked
[Image: 1553365300___36___lHAX2ZYwCe.jpg]
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(06-14-2019, 09:37 PM)smithvenables Wrote: Get these twins on Blacked

Good spot, pretty girls.

Was keeping an eye on it since your post.

Delete this if it's wrong, but based of their twitter it seems that at least one of them has shot for Blackambush. Not Blacked, but still IR.
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^I see thrillmonger is already trying to set something up with Joey

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