First IR Announcements Thread
Bobjonathan Wrote:
kingdarius Wrote:kendra lust will be doing her first ir (with prince of fuckin course smh) in mimefreak new booty movie

been waiting on this for awhile now, time for kendra to blow up

Well, I was getting ready to say something negative about her finally crossing over but thought it best to check her out before commenting, and to my surprise the bitch is super fine. It's still a bummer she's working with the crowned Prince of Buffoonery. ... 3719750656
Nicki Benz's IR movie gallery is up now on Jules Jordans site. I don't know why this pic has me dying
[Image: 010.jpg] ... ml#gallery
Kara Price. Never heard of her but apparently shes been in the business since 2011. She has shot her first IR for dogfart with shane. ... 0136654848
guess whos back
Austrailan Angela White As mentioned in the upcoming IR release thread this pick has back cover also shows her first IR taking lex anally ... 56/photo/1
guess whos back
Compare Dogfart to this ... nterracial ... ay_victory

The cameras were a lot worse then, it's not hard to imagine the budgets were less, yet it still looks much better than what Dogfart does. Just a white woman and black man getting down and dirty.
[Image: DGaaBwz.gif]
English porn star Samantha Bentley finally dropped an IR scene. Took her long enough, but she has a look I dig so I'll wind up in buying it.

Here is the trailer

Samantha Bentley
[Image: th_438771467__x_Samantha_yy_Bentley_xx_1...3_39lo.jpg][Image: th_438773823__x_Samantha_yy_Bentley_xx_2...23_4lo.jpg][Image: th_438773165__x_Samantha_yy_Bentley_xx_3..._424lo.jpg]
[Image: a_6c8d04d40290b_200.gif]

For those of you into big boobs, Lexi Lowe (whose body of work is mostly glam stuff) is in the same scene for her first IR scene.

Lexi Lowe

[Image: th_438768767__x_Lexi_yy_Lowe_xx_90_2013_...3_69lo.jpg][Image: th_438769859__x_Lexi_yy_Lowe_xx_98_2013_..._710lo.jpg]
[Image: th_438770408__x_Lexi_yy_Lowe_xx_300_2014..._479lo.jpg]

[Image: a_becc654cd50fc_200.gif][Image: a_6d9bc7c3a1e50_200.gif][Image: a_961f114fe08ad_200.gif]

After the fact edit, I missed the earlier posting in this thread.
Mia Khalifa ... il&id=9847
vesuvius Wrote:
marvy Wrote:I don't follow you..

I'm not saying she is doing anything about it, but porno chicks are always advertising people to buy the movie they are in, attention-whoring like crazy. I get she's busy with FSU stuff but were it a normal title she scored the cover for you'd likely see her constantly shouting it out/ giving love to the other featured girls. Seems unlikely she was told about the old fat bitches she'd be featured with.

Kinda funny actually

Oh and while pornstars may lack morality/character pride, they more than make up for it in physical pride AKA vanity.

Yeah, but the pornstars with vanity issues usually are white, so....

Gonna have to disagree with you there. As do Brian Pumper and Prince Yashua. I think for the most part they all are. Having sex in front of other people is one thing, having sex to be seen by anybody in America is another.

What were we talking about again? lol

Oh yeah. I somehow missed this girl when she was in porn a while back but she is already retired. Weird her IR is just being released now.

Oxuanna Envy @ industryinvaders
Were gonna have to move the discussion to these threads "IR website updates or IR release Decussion" because we are seeing way more discussion than First time IR announcements. Im pretty sure people want to see first time IR announcements than discussion just like the "upcoming IR releases thread"
guess whos back
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