First IR Announcements Thread
(07-08-2018, 06:51 PM)Yep I hear you the exclusive tag wasn\t on the blurred upcoming scene page either.  However, if you click on the link to watch the trailer, the exclusive tag is on there.  Very weird.  I Wrote: ^ How come blackedraw doesn't have an exclusive tag? I took a screenshot right now it doesn't have that tag.

[Image: FkY5chQ.jpg]
Looks like Dickdrainers scored Anastasia Knight's first IR scene:

Man, I can't wait. Looks like it drops 7/13.
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Kendra Lynn produced her own IR showcase that was just released through her company Kendra Lynn Films, the individual scenes are available on manyvids
[Image: DgrCXYhUcAAnNpB.jpg][Image: DgrEuf2VMAEEMBx.jpg][Image: DgrE58AU8AAMWdO.jpg]

BTS BBGG scene
BTS Richard Mann Scene
Barbie Sins at LegalPorno

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