IR W.A.G.S thread
Come to think of it, some of the best looking ir couples I know are not even famous people. I don't think good looks is what determines celebrity for women. Bare in mind hollywood is controleld by gays. A good looking no talent man is more likely to make the a list than his female counter part. The best looking white women I seen were in mendoza in argentina, where about every 10th girl looked like she literally walked out of a magazine photo shoot.

[Image: GJo3v9Xi013TZjJJzCdMdH_ivPOZJu89jtt_MAl6...RKVw==.jpg]
LOL, whites be getting mad


Other good looking ir couples
[Image: E13209184492355965_12.jpg]

Horace grant
[Image: photo22.jpg]

Told you about moving to brazil, they treat black men like kings out there. :lol:
[Image: black-blondes22.jpg]

While kim k isn't might type, gotta hand it to him on the frenchie, she is nice looking
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQYEW6PnVZLWcddBUQgXXH...07WgQgXpRw]

I gotta amit, despite my dislike of anglosphere women, when I am 50, I would sure like to pull like eddie murphy... he probably has the hottest white girlfriend out of any black celeb i know of

[Image: eddiemurphygf1-615x400.jpg]

Seems liek the white woman love of black is fostered at an early age in brazil
[Image: jean-paulo-campos-e-larissa-manoela-carr...=320&h=210]

[Image: 33f052c675f49b8c28c6af8cd37202d5.jpg]

[Image: interracial_dating.jpg?w=670]

Terrel ownes girl kari klenkenborg
[Image: v-cXZUgGgrpl.jpg]

Just proves, even a broke black man can still get him a hot white woman in america :lol:
Realdeal7 Wrote:
Ipay4 Wrote:
311 and Whooty Wrote:If you don't think that girl is hot, then you must be getting chicks who wouldn't even bother talking to Brad Pitt. What a ridiculous post. Any guy who says they'd blow that chick off if she hit on him is flat out lying.

I'm curious to see what people post. The only pro sport I follow religiously is Premier League Football, and I'm drawing a blank as far as WAGs go. I know Ashley Cole has had some good looking ones, and Mario Balotelli's fiance is also a stunner. That's not IR though, so I didn't post a pic.

No I do not think she is hot. She is hot by American standards because American women are what 70% of them are overweight and obese statistically speaking right? ... in-the-us/
Then when you eliminate all the too old and too young handicap and plain ugly women. She is probably in the top 10% by American standards. Problem is overall american women an a whole or just not attractive.

America, Canada and Australia, and the angloshpere on a whole are places that are good for women to date but not men. When I walk down the streets of Kiev or Budapest I see literally dozens of women at any given time who look far better than her. So yes I would turn her down if she hit on me, knowing I could do better and I have turned down better.

I have come to the realization that alot of American men have very low standards when it comes to women and I think that is because when you live in a land of 70% overweight women; well if you only eat mcdonalds a fillet minon and caviar might look bad. And a big mac with extra cheese looks amazing. She is not an UGLY woman, she is just a slightly above average looking one by non-fat standards. You come to east europe my friend or go to a beach on brazil, she would not standout from the crowd, you wouldn't notice her.

Now Mario Balotelli, his(white) women are gorgeous no doubt, almost any of the girls he's done are far hotter than the original girl in the op post. In fact I think I'd take almost any of his white women over the one in the op post

[Image: betty-kourakou.jpg]
[Image: barbara_guerra_e_carla_velli_due_donne_p...272821.jpg]
[Image: 1003263_300.jpg] ... aRCRD.html

Also what is a wag?

a wise man once said
"Every black man should come down one time to Brazil… to see how this culture treats you. It’s incredible!” :lol:

You American black guys are really missing out if you think American women are the best. America is the only country in the civilized world where wide sections of the general populous will refuse to date or fuck black men because they are black. Even the euro girls from the real racist countries like hngary and russia the former which has 33% neo nazi parliament, the latter where racist beatings of blacks are common will not refuse to fuck over being black.
You have gotta be kidding. she is not hotter than mary beth. Like I said it depends on your type. I like eyes as well as beauty.
There three different chicks man; :lol: but you do confirm the stereotype that all whites look alike :lol:
First one is the greek girl, i think she was in the last bond movie
the second one is an italian model something guerra
the last one is a brazilian model he dated too.

The irony is he is fucking hotter women for free than tiger was fucking while paying out millions to rachel ukutel to get him fuck whores. This leads me to believe that unlike in women, being mixed looking is not really an advantage for a black man. In fact it seems like many dark skin black men like balotelli and eddie murphy have almost an advantage in IR dating beautiful white women.

I also come to realize beauty is in the eye of the beholder. marybeth does nothing for me, I wouldn't notice her if she didn't talk to me in a room of 12 people
I dont believe you and how do I confirm the stereotype of all whites looking alike? You can qoute me for proof
guess whos back
Realdeal7 Wrote:I dont believe you and how do I confirm the stereotype of all whites looking alike? You can qoute me for proof
Because in your response it suggested that you thought the 3 girls were one. Maybe I misinterpreted your response.

Quote:You have gotta be kidding. she is not hotter than mary beth. Like I said it depends on your type. I like eyes as well as beauty.
not they but she, so it indicated to me you thought the 3 women were one. Which doesn't surprise me because they kinda do look alike just different angles/photos. That is why I said you confirmed the stereotypes of whites look alike. In fact when I was browsing the pictures, I myself had trouble telling the difference between the different white girls who all look alike, thin, brown/black hair, white skin etc.

Intellectually speaking you may be more right though, Stereotypes can never be confirmed inherently because they are broad inaccurate classifications of large swaths of population.

Ie. chinese have no common sense
whites smell like wet carpet
whites murder their family
whites all look alike
blacks are violent
blacks are criminals
arabs are terrorist
arabs don't bathe
indians murder their daughters
chinese are ugly---koreans are ugly
french drink fly water
jews are covetous
jews control the media
russians are bestial
russians are lazy
russians are alcoholics
hispanics are illegals

None of these stereotypes, IMO can ever be proven. In fact I don't think any of them can. we can point to some examples we may know, but just because rosalita is illegal, doesn't mean juan pedro was.

my comment was in jest, not to be taken seriously, don't read too deep into it. :mrgreen:
Way to derail the thread. Your opinions on beauty are just that, an opinion. Not a fact.
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exactly! so lets get back on topic. An opinion on beauty is for haters
guess whos back
TIm Howard/Sara McLean(24 yo former model runner up in Miss Scotland current occupation Investment Banker)-Dating
[Image: j0e3xi.jpg]

Just in case there is any doubt Howard's Dad is Black is mom is Turkish
[Image: 24b5f9e.jpg]

Ryan Howard/Krystle Campbell(former Philadelphia eagles Cheerleader)-married
[Image: ryan-howard-and-krystal-campbell.jpg?w=634]

Patrick Willis/Shenae Saifi - Engaged
[Image: patrick-willis-and-shenae-saifi.jpg?w=503&h=921]

Will & Shauna Danielle Blackmon - Married
[Image: will-blackmon-wife-shauna-danielle-blackmon3.jpg]

Courtney Eckhart & LaMichael James-Dating
[Image: lamichael-james-girlfriend.jpg]

Lilit Avagyan & Reggie Bush-Dating + Kid together
[Image: reggie-bush-girlfriend.jpg]

Giovani Bernard and Chloe Call-Dating
[Image: giovani-bernard-girlfriend-chloe-call-11.png]

Hines Ward/Lindsey Georgalas-Engaged
[Image: veronica-stigeler-bill-cowher-hines-ward...iginal.jpg]

Greg Hardy/Nicole Holder-Dating
[Image: greg-hardys-girlfriend-nicole-holder-facebook.jpg]

Jrue and Lauren Holiday
[Image: IFWT_Jrue-marries-1.jpg]

Davante Edwards/Devanne Villarreal-Dating
[Image: BnPEeiiIcAEZk7i.jpg]

Nick Young/Iggy
[Image: Nick-Young-Iggy-Azalea..jpg]
I don't really follow this stuff, I'm usually a little surprised and then move on. I saw this girl on SportsNation a couple years ago, and she was way comfortable with all the brothas on the show, so I knew she had to be down. Lo and behold Charissa Thompson and Jay Williams.

[Image: BqKKDV3CcAArZN9.jpg]

[Image: Bqs4sJiCUAApho1.jpg]
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bakajin Wrote:GIO! That's my boy. Heels, baby! LOL.

Oh, and funny how few White people know Tim Howard is mixed. I bet if they did know we wouldn't have heard half as much excitement over his World Cup performance.

I wasn't aware that only white people watched football in the us.

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