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blkknight1 Wrote:Apparently she was so into to Jay she let him cream pie her as well.

That is an odd statement. Jay was her long standing boyfriend. Have you ever had a girlfriend that didn't want you to nut in her? I haven't. Bitches love that shit. "Intimacy" they call it.

I like to bust in their grill tho. "Fun" I call it.
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blkknight1 Wrote:Just wanted to bump this because a former IR WAG had some private pics leaked, gotta say this one is kinda a dream come true been wanting to see her uncovered for years.

Charissa Thompson - Dont know how recent these are but seems that she really wanted to keep Jay interested when they were dating
[Image: t_charissa_thompson10.jpg][Image: t_charissa_thompson16.jpg]

Apparently she was so into to Jay she let him cream pie her as well.

There are videos.
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Gotta be round 2015 they broke it off sometime late that year, I think. She is freaking amazing....
Nice find w/ The Clarissa Thompson stuff. Always had a thing for her. Good to know she's a freak.
cured Wrote:Nice find w/ The Clarissa Thompson stuff. Always had a thing for her. Good to know she's a freak.

I had an idea she ran like that, but those pics and the video shows she is banging.....and a total freakazoid! Jason Williams was lucky to get a run at that, she blew my mind with how sexual she is. White chicks are white chicks, man! I love this babe even more!!!
Kristine Leahy.

This is the type of All American IR chick that gets white nationalists frothing at the mouth with rage.

[Image: NUP_177384_0214gl.jpg]
[Image: KristineLeahyy.jpg]
[Image: kristine-leahy-1496401179.jpg]
[Image: kristine-leahy-1495214377.png]
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^I did a quick Google search on Kristine. I found out that she's 5'10". (I thought you didn't like tall chicks Shotgun, but I guess she's the exception of the rule)

I also found out about her beef with Lavar Ball. Now I'm not a big fan of the brother and his expensive butt ugly shoes, but all I seen is her roasting him and setting him up as a "woman basher". So even I don't think that's cool.

But it looks like things are going well with her current bf, though (the dude in the pics).

         [Image: O2OK5gJ7_o.gif]   


XD XD XD         
Re-read my post, son. I said she was the white nationalist's taste, not my own.
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So apparently the brotha with Charissa Thompson in the photos and she was making all those videos was not Jay Williams, but it was Nashville Predators defensemen PK Subban.
[Image: Screenshot_20170907-132103.jpg]

Here is another IR WAG that will be cheering on her man today
Viviana Volpicelli gf of Nelson Agholor
[Image: Nelson_Agholor_girlfriend_Viviana_Volpicelli.jpg][Image: Nelson_Agholor_girlfriend_Viviana_Volpic...icture.jpg][Image: 148c52_8186de91735a459fbc3ceae290f90cf1~...s_4_2.webp]
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Viviana Volpicelli = Thermonuclear Hotness
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